Gold medals stolen from 1972 Olympian’s Ariz. home |

Gold medals stolen from 1972 Olympian’s Ariz. home

Associated Press Writer

TEMPE, Ariz. – Three gold medals have been stolen from the Arizona home of former Olympic swimmer Melissa Belote, who won them as a 15-year-old at the 1972 games in Munich.

Belote normally kept the medals in a safety-deposit box, but had put them underneath clothes in a dresser drawer at her Tempe home after taking them to an elementary school for a presentation.

One or more thieves broke into Belote’s home sometime during the day Wednesday by prying open a back window. They stole the medals, an iPod, some cash, and jewelry, but left other things like computers and TVs. Belote says when she found out her medals were taken, she “wept like a baby.”

Belote says the medals were the culmination of a journey she began as a little girl and represent the sacrifices of everyone who helped her get to the Olympics.

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