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Gravity Games participants

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It doesn’t take more than a peek inside the 2005 Winter Gravity Games media guide to date the event as a whole. When the first winter games were held, in January 2000 at Mammoth Mountain, Calif., events included quarterpipe and big mountain skiing/snowboarding. The action sports world has since grown into a niche that now focuses more on halfpipe, slopestyle, rail and cross competitions. Still, the biggest difference is in the names. Whereas 2000 competitors Chris Davenport, Shane McConkey, Wendy Fisher, Jeremy Nobis, Jonny Moseley and Shaun Palmer have largely moved away from competition, new stars like Hannah Teter, Charles Gagnier, Antti Autti, Sarah Burke and Simon Dumont are here to remind us the level of skiing/riding is just as high, if not higher. And, of course, seasoned veterans like Ross Powers (2000 Gravity Games snowboard pipe gold medalist), Jay Quinlan (2000 freestyle snowmobile gold) and Tara Dakides (2000 women’s quarterpipe gold) bridge the gap.Some names to watch as the week unfolds, based upon the latest list of competitors released by OLN:High Country competitorsGreg Tuffelmire – men’s ski pipeNick Mercon – men’s ski slopestyleChad Otterstrom – men’s snowboard pipe, slopestyleJake Fiala – men’s skiercrossClair Bidez – women’s snowboard pipeJamie Sundberg – women’s ski pipeMike Casanova – Frisco rail jamKim Krahulec – women’s boardercrossJay Quinlan – freestyle snowmobile demoOther favoritesAntti Autti – men’s snowboard pipe, slopestyleHannah Teter – women’s snowboard pipe, slopestyleSeth Wescott – men’s boardercrossSarah Burke – women’s ski pipeTara Dakides – women’s snowboard slopestyle, pipeGretchen Bleiler – women’s snowboard pipeKelly Clark – women’s snowboard pipeRoss Powers – men’s snowboard pipeAndy Finch – men’s snowboard pipeCasey Puckett – men’s skiercrossZach Crist – men’s skiercrossReggie Crist – men’s skiercrossSimon Dumont – men’s ski pipe, slopestyleCharles Gagnier – men’s ski pipe, slopestyleOn the web:

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