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Hall is king of the pipe once again

Ian Cropp
FSO Jen Hudak PU 1-21

VAIL – It’s safe to say Tanner Hall has recovered from his two broken ankles.After his first run on the halfpipe that put him in the clear lead with 83.3 points, Hall outdid himself by 0.2 points to secure his second consecutive victory in the superpipe Saturday at the U.S. Freeskiing Open.Both of Hall’s runs had him spinning in different directions and on different planes. In his second run, Hall pulled a 540, then a cork 900, and proceeded to get vertical before finishing with a 1080.”If you mix it up, that’s what the judges want to see,” said Corey Vanular.Vanular had a solid first run of spins to land a third-place finish (80 points).

In his first run, Vanular started out with a pair of 540s, then moved to a 900 grab and finished with a cork 1080.”I tried to get an edge on the 1080, and it worked pretty well,” Vanular said. “I just had to lay it down. Two podiums in two days. It’s all been good.”Friday, the 17-year-old Vanular won the slopestyle competition. In Saturday night’s big air competition, Vanular took a hard fall and wasn’t able to complete the trifecta of podiums.Second-place finisher Loic Collamb-Patton recovered from a fall on the first run to lay down a second run that was enough to edge out Vanular (80.2 points.)Collamb-Patton pleased the judges with his run of a grab 900 to an alley-oop to an air fakie to another 900.

On Collamb-Patton’s first run, he wasn’t able to land a cork 900, but even after his fall, he still gave the fans a treat by finishing with a switch air to cossack.Well on topSarah Burke should be a little less humble in victory and have a little more confident herself.Burke laid down what was by far the best of the day in the women’s superpipe to take first place (83.2) by more than a 12-point margin.

But Burke wasn’t so sure she was going to be on the podium after her first run.”I crashed and didn’t know if I was going to be able to make it to the second run,” Burke said. “I managed to make it, and I landed (my tricks). I was just trying to make it down the pipe, I guess.” Following a few big airs, Burke pulled a 540, an alley-oop and then finished her run with a 720.”I had been working on it for a while,” said Burke, who seems to show no effects of her previous leg injury. “It’s nice to be able to put your body into overdrive and go do it.”Jen Hudak also waited for her second run to put out a podium-placing effort. Hudak’s score of 70.6 was 0.2 points better than Jess Cumming’s best run, and good for second place.

Hudak’s second run saw her mix it up, staring with a 540 mute, to an alley-oop, to a critical, to a tail grab, and back to a 540.”Ideally, I wanted to add a 720 as my last trick, but I didn’t get it into my training,” Hudak said. “So I had to stick to my two 540s.”Hudak said it was difficult for skiers to get in quality training time Saturday.”Training today was awkward,” Hudak said. “We really didn’t have a designated time, and had to train in between heats.”Cumming’s first run featured an array of spins, while on her second run she opted to catch bigger air.

Local Claudia Bouvier finished in 12th place. And although 14th-place finisher Marie Martinod wasn’t able to land all of her tricks on both runs, she grabbed some of the biggest air, but lost two skis in the process.Sports Writer Ian Cropp can be reached at 949-0555, ext. 14631, or icropp@vaildaily.com.Vail, Colorado

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