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Happy Homecoming Battle Mountain

Huskies Growles

Live from the home office in Eagle-Vail… Wait a minute.Live from the true home office in San Francisco, I send out long-distance Homecoming greetings to Huskies Nation. While I make the rounds of The City’s (yes, we capitalize it) best eateries and tend to my San Francisco Giants in my own inimitable way, I offer the following for this celebratory weeknd of sports in Eagle-Vail:– David Cope: Try not to break a table. Huskies soccer, make sure he tells you the story.– One of many reasons Battle Mountain soccer rocks is its speed outside. We’re talking about outside middies, Kyle Moore and the very underrated Isaac Anderson.– Yes, Moore said in his spotlight that if he were ruler of the world for one day he’d like to be able to hit any Yankees player in the face with a baseball bat. As a Freud, I think Kyle has issues.

— Mike SciGliano, Mike SciGliano, Mike SciGliano, Mike SciGliano. OK, I got it at last. Sorry about that, Chilli’s Baby Back Ribs.– And for the heck of it, it’s Juan BarragAn.– Don’t overlook Palisade Saturday night, guys. Remember, they gave you quite the game at Homecoming last year. Dial down the adrenaline from playing under the lights and take care of business.– Speaking of that game, it should bring back nice memories for Edgar Hernandez. He scored twice in the 2-0 win last year against the Bulldogs.– Cross country’s on the road this week, but be sure to catch them at the Battle Mountain Invitational at Beaver Creek next Saturday. To borrow from the PGA, “these guys (AND gals) are good.” I ran cross country in high school, albeit very slowly. I know how hard and long these athletes have to train to get to this high level of success.– The competition around the state is tough, but so is the competition on the girls’ cross country team. Think about it, Rob Parish has 10 runners at any given race who can score for the Huskies.

— Under the category of “I can’t believe he’s a senior:” Ben Rogers. Yes, we have in-house bias here, but attaboy, Sparky. — I don’t think the volleyball team is having enough fun yet. What a nice start for our Huskies spikers. There’s good team chemistry. Coach Brian Doyon’s keeping it fun yet productive in practice. All the characters involved in Huskies volleyball are playing nicely. It’s a great change from years past and the volleyball community is to be congratulated for it.– Come and see the ladies take on Delta. They’re going to be looking sharp.– Who will win more games this year? Battle Mountain football or the San Francisco 49ers? I say Huskies and that’s not because I’m bagging on them. I’m actually bagging on my pathetic Niners. Huskies football is going to be the most improved team of fall.– Along those lines, Huskies football has earned your respect, oh denizens of Eagle-Vail. Though the wins may come slowly, these guys are busting their tails. They were in the weight room all summer. Then, there’s the Decleater. You try smashing into that thing over and over and then going out for three-a-days in full gear in the August heat. Pat Engle has this team going in the right direction.– Along those lines, none of this shows up for the first half and the Homecoming ceremony and then leaving. The football team is going to play the full 48 minutes and you should there to see it all.

— Great name for a lineman: Punky Carlos.– I’m not going to give any advice to the golf team except just do exactly the opposite of what I do. Do that and you’ll be fine.– Two serious notes to end things: First, our thoughts go out to cross country assistant Kelli Witter and boys basketball coach Philip Tronsrue. Both lost parents in the last month. We’re all with you.– Make good decisions this weekend. I know partying with alcohol is tempting, but think about two things. When you drink, you put your life, the lives of people in your car and other peoples’ lives on the road in danger. It’s not worth it. You also owe it to your teammates and your community to be smart. Have a fun, safe and successful weekend, everybody.Sports Editor Chris Freud can be reached at (970) 949-0555, ext. 614 or via cfreud@vaildaily.com.Vail, Colorado

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