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Happy Homecoming, Battle Mountain

Welcome to Homecoming 2003 at Battle Mountain, where we sit at the midway point of an exciting fall season. The news, notes and anecdotes are served up for your consideration. Please, as always, no wagering.

n I’m called a lot of things in the course of my job. I’m “Chris,” “the Vail Daily dude,” and some other things, which we can’t print in this family newspaper. But, from now on, I’m calling myself “Andy Banner’s Good Luck Charm.” I have been to two Battle Mountain soccer games and Banner has two hat tricks. Don’t worry, Andy, I’ll be there for Saturday’s game against Rifle.

n To that end, I didn’t make Tuesday’s big win over Delta. Huskies soccer coach David Cope told me that when Andy Banner scored, “Chris must be pulling into the parking lot.”

n Sorry, folks, I need the practice: Juan BarragAn. Juan BarragAn. Juan BarragAn. Juan BarragAn. I think I finally got it, Juan.

n Speaking of butchering names, I’d like to send a shoutout to one of my two favorite cross-country coaches, Mark Parish. Kidding.

n The Huskies booters host Rifle Saturday night at 7 under the lights at Huskies Stadium. Bundle up, by the way. With regard to the game itself, there are some implications in moving the game from the team’s normal pitch to a football field.

“You lose something in the width a soccer sense, but gain a lot in the sense of excitement and making it an occasion,” Cope said. “That’s one of those tradeoffs. I think that some of our kids will play a little better because of the adrenaline. Tactically, that changes the game, but that’s life.”

n Bravo to Huskies volleyball. As this page goes to bed, the Huskies are at .500 and playing some of the best team volleyball we’ve seen in years in Eagle-Vail. Keep it up, ladies.

n Last year, the volleyball team surprised everyone at Homecoming with a get-up of hot-pink shorts, tie-dyed socks and 70s ‘fros. Our spies tell us that the spikers might have something in the works this year. (If we told you, we’d have to kill you.) The only way to find out what they’re going to do is to show up Saturday at 1 p.m., as the Huskies battle Delta.

n Football hosts Valley tonight at 7. Huskies fans, be there. These guys, despite their record, deserve your support for all the hard work they’ve put in. It’s easy to be on a winning team. It takes courage to keep plugging away when times are tough.

n The breakdown from football coach Pat Engle: “Our kids are excited to play football again. Every week is a chance to compete. Every week is a chance to win. We’re playing a very tough Valley team. Their record of 1-4 doesn’t really indicate how good they are. Their combined opponents’ record is 18-7. Ours is 15-10 as well. It will be a fun game to watch.”

n Good omen: Engle never lost a Homecoming game as a player. And, he has a fun memory of one of those games.

“In 1986. It had rained for three-straight days. Because it was so wet, they had put chopped-up corncobs on the field to absorb the moisture. We ended up playing the game with the mud up to our ankles. But it was one of those games you don’t forget. I think I still find corncobs every now and then on my body.”

n They’re not home this week, but the Huskies harriers merit a loud round of applause. Molly, Erika, Jenny, Brooke, Sammy, Andrea, Maddie, Grant, Zach, Sparky, Davis and Andy, take a bow. The team is going places.

n Also congrats to golf’s Keith Denton. Well done at state. Now, you and the rest of the gang, it’s hockey season. This is the Huskies’ year.

n Though, we’re at the east end of the county, it’s been about a year and it’s appropriate to pause a moment to remember Eagle Valley’s Skylar Hootman, whom we lost at last year’s Eagle Valley Homecoming. Devils, Huskies, Gore Rangers and Saints are all one when it comes down to what really matters.

n Nothing to do with Homecoming, but Giants pitcher Sydney Ponson has been elevated to my axis of evil. Go Giants, Cubs, Twins and Red Sox.

n Be smart when it comes to making decisions in the next few days. Have a fun – and safe – weekend, everyone.

Chris Freud is the sports editor for the Vail Daily. Contact him at (970) 949-0555, ext. 614 or by e-mail at cfreud@vaildaily.com.

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