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Happy Orange Day to VMS, and go everyone

Chris Freud

I just want it noted that I’m still doing my job here despite the fact that there might be a cool team in the World Series.

I really should be getting a medal for this. More accurately, my co-workers should be getting a medal for this.

Here’s an orange-and-black rundown of some preps topics:

VMS soccer

• First off, no admission will be charged for today’s playoff game at 1 p.m. between the Vail Mountain School and Vanguard Charter. Come as you are.

• Dear CHSAA, really? You really need to enforce the “white at home rule”? The Coursers, today’s visiting team, wear navy blue and white. It’s not like fluorescent orange would cause confusion, figuring out which team is which.

Everyone else will be wearing orange, or as I call it “Dress like your Sports Editor Day.”

• A brief summation of orange at VMS … our fighting Gore Rangers were and remain one of the smaller-sized schools competing in 3A soccer. To motivate his charges before a 1998 playoff game, then-coach Bob Bandoni showed a highlight film of the Dutch, who wear orange and are one of the smaller nations in Europe, in the Euro Championships. Bandoni handed out orange jerseys and VMS beat the buffalo chips out of the Bishop Machebeuf Buffaloes, 7-0.

The biggest win in orange remains the 2000 quarterfinals at Colorado Academy, then the No. 1 seed and two-time state champion, 3-1. Despite an early season snowstorm and the pass closing, VMS had more fans at C.A. than the hosts.

The reason I always bring up Oscar Alcantar and Danny Mackintosh scoring the first two goals was that they were probably the two most unlikely people in the world to score. That 2000 team had really good scorers — Slade Cogswell, Andrew Feldman and a McConathy brother (I’m sorry. I forget which one).

This would be like VMS beating Kent Denver without Clay Kirwood, Dylan Cunningham, Liam Hurley or Trevor Sheldon being involved offensively.

And that brings us to the moral of the story. (Yes, Freud had a point somewhere.) It’s not just the offensive studs. It’s not just the star keeper John Linn. To get it done, it takes everyone in blue, white, (and orange).


Looking at the maxpreps.com rankings, Battle Mountain is ninth; Steamboat Springs 12th and Eagle Valley 13th. If the postseason started today, then the Huskies would host a regional, as would the Sailors, while the Devils would be on the road in Steamboat.

I don’t get it. I really could have sworn that Eagle Valley beat Steamboat and Battle Mountain on the road just last week. I’m pretty sure I saw that Devils-Huskies game in person.

Eagle Valley is playing better ball right than both of their worthy league rivals, and that’s the point — play your best at the end of the season. The Devils should be seeded higher.

I also don’t know why maxpreps.com doesn’t give any weight or penalize teams for playing teams of different classifications. Battle Mountain has two wins against Vail Christian. I like local rivalries, but those wins shouldn’t count equally to Eagle Valley’s wins against 5A schools.

Go Devils, go Huskies and go Saints in your assorted games, but let’s hope that Eagle Valley can slip ahead of Steamboat, at least, so the Devils can be home for regionals.


• Ginormous win, Eagle Valley. I don’t understand CHSAA wild-card points either, but beating Delta is just huge. (You don’t move up for beating Delta? I dunno.) The good news is that you’re safely in the points for playoffs, regardless. The interesting note is that things could get more interesting at the top of the Slope standings this week.

Rifle (4-1 in league) is at Glenwood Springs (4-1), and of course, Palisade (4-1) is coming to Gypsum to face the 3-2 Devils. Beat Palisade, and the Devils could, at worst, be third in conference.

Rifle or Glenwood is losing today. (Both will finish with wins as Rifle plays Summit next week and Glenwood has Steamboat.) But Palisade finishes with Delta, not an automatic win. Win out, fellas, and you’re 8-2, and in fantastic position for the playoffs.

• Battle Mountain is on a four-game winning streak. Let’s just say that again — Battle Mountain is on a four-game winning streak. That’s just fun to type. The Huskies are playing for a conference title tonight. Let’s just say that again — the Huskies are playing for a conference title tonight.

The world is definitely spinning off its axis in a good way.

Beat Coal Ridge.

And the way you take out the Titans is to avoid lapses. Beating Basalt was good, but you were up 14-0 and 40-14 and both times the Longhorns scored twice to make it a game again. You can’t do that. If you’re going where you want to go — being competitive and winning against 3A teams — you’ve got to keep pressing the gas pedal.

• Vail Christian, congratulations on back-to-back Central League titles. Beat West Grand. Assistant coach Sheldon Kuhns will tell motivational speeches about the indignities performed upon the Saints by the Mustangs. Unfortunately, most of them are basketball stories and involve Travis Gore. Just go with it, people.

On a serious note, whom do the Saints get for Round 1? It’s a home game, even if CHSAA ranks Vail Christian 16th. (Not going to happen, but in this scenario, Dayspring Christian would come up here.)

Logic dictates that the Saints get someone from the Western Slope League or the Mountain League for travel purposes (the other team’s). That narrows it down to five potential teams, Norwood, Soroco or Rangely from the Slope or Sangre de Cristo or Sargent from the Mountain.

As much as everyone at Vail Christian probably wants Soroco, it’s not likely. With a win this week, the Rams would be 5-4, and that’s not making the playoffs.

Just spit-balling here. If the Saints are ranked in the top 10 by CHSAA, by which I mean No. 10 on the nose, it’s probably Sangre De Cristo. If they’re Nos. 7 or 8, probably the best scenario and most unlikely since the Central League is not well regarded, it’s Sargent or Rangely in that order. (Yeah, guys, I know you want Sargent.) If they’re a 12th seed range, it’s Norwood.

See you at the games.

Sports Editor Chris Freud can be reached at 970-748-2934, cfreud@vaildaily.com and @cfreud.

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