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Harvey, Hermosillo rock BattleQuest 6

Ian Cropp
Vail, CO Colorado
SPT Chris Harvey PU 7-21-07

EAGLE ” Say hello to your hometown BattleQuest 6 champions.

Chris Harvey of Gypsum and Robert Hermosillo of Minturn jumped into the ring Saturday night in Eagle for their fights and electrified the crowd with a pair of hard-fought wins.

Harvey, who took on Dave Heredia in the 155-pound amateur bout, came out to the song, “A Country Boy Can Survive,” and played the part.

In what was the most competitive fight of the evening, Harvey and Heredia came out hard, battling all around the ring in the first round. When the bell rang after three minutes, Harvey had Heredia in a head lock on the ground.

To start the second, Harvey came out with a high kick that missed, but followed by landing a punch to Heredia’s head. By the middle of the second round, both fighters were bleeding from the nose. From the ground, Heredia smartly found a way to get his arm around Harvey’s head, preventing Harvey from doing too much damage, and the two reached several stalemates. With 10 seconds left in the second round, Harvey slammed Heredia to the ground and landed two face shots, but Heredia then kicked Harvey off him, knocking Harvey to the mat as the bell ended the round.

The fighters jumped around a bit to start the third round, and after Heredia put Harvey in a headlock, Harvey broke free and a few seconds later landed a direct right that knocked Heredia over. Amazingly, Heredia was able to gain his composure from the ground as Harvey pounced on him, throwing a few more punches. For the remainder of the third and final round, Harvey threw elbows and knees, as Heredia blocks some and looked to find a way to break free.

Harvey, who trains with Inyodo Studios in Edwards won a unanimous decision that brought his large cheering section to its feet and ignited the rest of the crowd.

Robert Hermosillo, also of Inyodo, started out his bout with Gilbert Jaramillo on fire. Hermosillo took Jaramillo to the mat and began pounding at Jaramillo’s head. Jaramillo weathered the storm a bit, but not without getting cut on the head. Jaramillo wiggled a bit loose, and after the official signaled no advantage, the two fighters reset in the middle of the ring.

At the end of the first, Jaramillo had blood coming from his forehead and scalp. In the second round, Hermosillo took down Jaramillo and started throwing punch after punch to Jaramillo’s head. As Hermosillo went from his right to his left and back, Jaramillo deflected some punches, but couldn’t stop the barrage and the official called the fight at 1:31 of the second round, with Hermosillo’s fans going wild.

Earlier in the evening, Hermosillo’s cousin, Ismael Hermosillo of Eagle, another Inyodo fighter, lost his debut fight to Miguel Martinez. The fighters tangled on the mat and earned reversal after reversal. After Martinez found his way on top, he let loose several punches that Hermosillo wasn’t able to thwart and the official called the fight. Hermosillo had a strong showing in his first fight, and earned the respect of his more experienced opponent who said of Hermosillo, “He’s really fricken strong.”

In the first of the nine amateur bouts, Alfredo Corona used a guillotine from on the bottom to earn a tap out against Chris Hendrick. The next fight lasted all of 32 seconds when Juston Briggs also used a guillotine to force a tap out from Mustafa Buma in the 165 bout.

The third fight gave the crowd its first taste of blood when Ralston Baker slammed Travis Ramirez to the mat and pounded several shots to Ramirez’s face before the official had to stop the fight as blood flowed from Ramirez’s nose.

Raymond Roffman gave Mike Swanson all he could handle early, sending punch after punch to the head of Swanson, who kept ducking but couldn’t avoid the blows.

In the seventh fight of the evening, Jesse Henley took down Ameer Allen and then sent several shots to Allen’s head the caused the official to call the fight just over a minute in.

Following the Harvey-Heredia thriller, Brad Fox and Jeremy Malaterre twisted around on the mat, looking for arm bars and choke holds. Finally, out of the two-person pretzel, Fox emerged with Malaterre’s head in a choke hold and got Malaterre to tap out.

In the first pro bout, Tyler Toner and Nick Mamalis jockeyed for position on the mat while throwing some short punches. After Mamalis spent a good deal of time on bottom, he found his way on top, only to succumb to an arm bar by Toner’s legs that ended the fight.

The final match of the evening, a pro bout between Ryan Roberts and Rocky Johnson went the distance, with Roberts earning the decision.

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