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Headline: Homecoming hullabaloo for Huskies

Byline: Chris Freud

“It’s always seemed more of a college thing to me because people come back,” he said. “In high school, it seems like a lot of the former students are in college or have moved away.”

It’s not that Cope has something against Homecoming. In fact, he has quite a story to tell on Homecoming when he was in high school. Whether any alums are, in fact, coming home, we officially raise the curtain on Huskies Homecoming 2002 with the following items:

n Way to go Fred Koetteritz for scheduling Homecoming opponents – South Park in football, Moffat County in soccer and Delta in volleyball – well this year. Well, actually the athletic director doesn’t “schedule” Homecoming. It happens on whatever weekend every team ends up having a home game. But Koetteritz took a lot of flack for Rifle being the home football game last year, so he might as well take the credit this year. Good job, Fred.

n Football leads the weekend with a 7 p.m. Friday kickoff against South Park. Trivia: What is South Park’s mascot? Answer below.

n Hint: the following names are NOT South Park’s mascot: the Kennys, the Kyles, the Cartmans, the Stans or the Chefs.

n According to Koetteritz, when the Huskies play South Park, it will be like they’re looking in the mirror when they line up. The visitors – sorry, no answer yet – line up in a pro formation offensively with an I-back. Defensively, South Park has a solid linebacking and has a few big guys up front. Sound familiar?

n Coach-speak: “In talking to their coach, their program is very similar to us. They’re getting it on its feet,” Koetteritz said. “They moved up two or three years ago from 8-man football, so 11-man is still somewhat new to their school. But he’s doing a good job with them. He’s got them ready.”

n Starting Huskies quarterback Eddie Irgens is out. This week, he’s been suffering from headaches after taking a bunch of hits at Delta last week. The team is wisely erring on the side of caution here.

n Your candidates for quarterback this week are Julio Hermosillo, Chris Romero, Derek Rush and Jason Wooley. A game-time decision is expected.

n Homecoming memories, part I: Koetteritz’s high school, Quakertown, back in the Keystone state didn’t have Homecoming. But there was the issue of the annual Thanksgiving game with rival Penridge.

“That was the big event,” he said. “Oh, yeah, everything at the school the day before with the big pep rally, it was certainly a special game. The Penridge Rams, they wore green and I still don’t like the color green.”

n Trivia answer: The South Park Burros.

n At the start of Wednesday’s soccer practice, “Money for Nothing” by Dire Straits was blasting from a car stereo. It’s important to note that the Huskies booters are in anything but dire straits in their 4A Slope race. According to Cope, the team was a bit down after the 2-0 loss to Glenwood Springs last weekend. Of course, a win at Steamboat Springs tonight could change everybody’s outlook.

“We’ve been talking about focusing on the process and not on the result. We’ve been preaching that all week,” Cope said. “It’s like a baseball team that says, “Well, if we don’t make errors, if we throw strikes and we try to make contact, then good things happen from that.’ We’ve been saying with these guys if we just focus on beating players off the dribble, getting shots on the target and completing passes, if we do those things consistently, then we’ll get a good result.”

n By the way, if you’re looking for the soccer team, that set of Huskies will be in full uniform all day today.

n The Huskies host Moffat Saturday at 11 a.m. as part of Homecoming. Hopefully, the soccer team’s Homecoming will be slightly less eventful than the one Cope had when he was in high school.

“I was standing on the table at our Homecoming dance, singing “Born to Run,’ and the table broke,” Cope said. “The captain of our soccer team was the president of the student body and he said, “We made $300 profit off of the dance, but Cope broke a table and it cost us $400.'”

n We don’t know if volleyball coach Elizabeth Nilsson sang The Boss when she attended Eagle Valley. But her favorite memory was the ’70s-themed Homecoming her junior year. The spikers are jacked for Homecoming as well they should be. After a rematch at Moffat Thursday, the Huskies host Delta at 2 p.m. on Saturday. (By the way, that is a schedule change.) Be there, because our spies tell us that Nilsson’s crew may be up to something. The rest is classified.

“You gotta be there,” Nilsson said. “There’s something you can’t miss.”

n It’s pretty much going to be a home meet for the cross-country team Friday. The harriers are in Summit for a high school race. But we’ve also found out that there will be a coaches race, which leaves us with only one thought: Run like the wind, Kelli and Mark.

n Moving to the Vail Mountain School because they’re nice people too, volleyball has a big game at Eagle Valley today. The two teams met last year with the Devils winning in three sets. One interesting note to that game was that Tiffany Allan was out with the flu that day.

“I was sick. We lost. I’m really looking forward to playing them, especially because the setter of Eagle Valley, Erin Sterkel, and I played club together and ran the 6-2. So it will be interesting to go against her,” Allan said.

n Meanwhile, Team Disposition of our Psyche, VMS soccer, heads to Carbondale for a date with Roaring Fork on Saturday at 4 p.m. No predictions here, because we are still stunned that coach Bob Bandoni spent an afternoon in Paonia and lived to tell the tale. Way to go, Bandon.

Chris Freud is a sports writer for the Vail Daily. Contact him at (970) 949-0555, ext. 614 or cfreud@vaildaily.com.

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