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Heat is on for Devils at Fox and Hound in Colorado Springs

Fox and Hound


Brandon Sheard, 17:49

Aiden Branch, 17:50

Jack Neifert, 17:57

Matt Jordan, 18:52

Luke Morrissey, 19:00

Isaac Yoder, 19:46

Bailey Beckum, 21:24


Shawna Adams, 21:32

Avery Doan, 21:56

Michaela Mitchell, 23:30

Maddlyne Schenck, 23:46

Brunn Mehan, 24:51

Katie Smith 25:06

Megan Rathsburg, 25:13

COLORADO SPRINGS — The Eagle Valley cross-country team was at the Fox and Hound in Colorado Springs on Saturday, and that sounds like the Devils spent the day at an English pub, playing darts.

Not so.

Saturday’s race and its format was a fun change-up. Each team ranked its seven varsity runners. The No. 7 runners for each team start, with Nos. 6 going out 20 seconds later and Nos. 5 20 seconds after that.

In theory, the runners ranked Nos. 4-7 are the foxes to be run down by the top runners on each team, Nos. 1-3, the hounds.

Fast Fox Neifert

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But the fox had his day for Eagle Valley. Here’s to Jack Neifert, No. 6-ranked and presumably a fox, who kept ahead of pretty much all the hounds. He finished in 17 minutes, 57 seconds, jumping from sixth on his team to third. Only Brandon Sheard and Aiden Branch caught Neifert in the end. (Presumably, the two did not eat Neifert because that would be bad form.)

“It was a fun break from a traditional 5K,” Devils coach Melinda Brandt said. “It puts them in different situations to see how it feels. When you have 10 guys behind you, it’s great training for a big race.”

On the girls’ side, the hounds did catch the foxes, with Shawna Adams and Avery Doan closing the gap.

The Hosses went to Carter Baker and Meaghan Forbes.

Next up for Eagle Valley is Palisade on Thursday

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