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Her name is Rachel

Glandorf, Rachel Baylor PU 4-15

OK, this really ticks me off, and this has been building for a while.

I understand that Texas is football-crazy. I know that love is incomprehensible and has its own agenda. When Colt McCoy dates someone or gets married, it is a media event, whether that’s in good taste or not. (That would be the latter, people.)

But could we stop referring to Colt McCoy’s bride as a “6-foot lean blond.”

Her name is Rachel Glandorf. Yes, she is a knockout. Stipulated. But enough with the portrayal of her as the football hottie, bimbo or whatever garbage is on the Internet when you Google her name.

There’s a lot more there, people, and it’s your loss for not knowing it.

Yeah, I’m a little biased, having covered her in the early days of Vail Christian High School at the Gracious Savior Lutheran Church in Edwards before the school moved into its more permanent digs to the west.

Glandorf was a pretty special person even before she or the world had heard of Colt McCoy. (Sorry, Colt, I’m sure you’re a good guy, too. Rachel always had good taste.)

As an all-around athlete, I don’t know if she’s had an equal in the 13 years I’ve been covering local high school sports. You name the sport and she did it and did it well, lettering in all of her 12 high school seasons with volleyball, basketball and track.

She was all-league in all three multiple times, including all four years in basketball, an impressive accomplishment given that Saints hoops wasn’t exactly a powerhouse then. Glandorf was all state in volleyball and track, helping build Vail Christian’s volleyball program and leading the track team to a league title. (The then-1A Saints only had nine or 10 girls out for track and won the 2A Slope.)

And, oh yes, track, she won seven state-meet medals. Getting a national letter of intent to compete for Baylor, where she ran the 400 hurdles and the 800 meters, is accomplishment few, if any of the kids I’ve covered, have achieved.

It was also apparent from her very early days that we’re talking about a very smart person. While competing in three different varsity sports and still running in the track offseason, Glandorf was taking a full load of advanced-placement classes and also doing extracurricular activities like the school’s annual musical. (I still get a chuckle out of the fact that Jon Armstead accidentally kicked her in the head during a rehearsal for “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.” Oops.)

And amid all this, she was a very funny and down-to-earth young lady. I still have the improvised “GO BUSH!” athletic-tape job that Glandorf and Lauren Mutter put over my Kerrey/Edwards bumper sticker in the fall of 2004. Quality prank. President Barack Obama, Rach. Take that.

After her final state track meet, which did not go as well has she had hoped, Glandorf said on a phone interview to me, “If you win you praise the Lord. If you lose, you praise the Lord.” That’s a lot of class from an 18-year-old.

Ironically, Glandorf’s seemed destined to live in a fish bowl. Her father, Steve, was the executive director (read, principal) of Vail Christian when she attended, something which couldn’t have been easy. And then as fate would have it, she meets McCoy in 2008, and has been in the spotlight ever since. (Flashing back to the 2009 Fiesta Bowl, when the camera panned the stands, there was that really familiar face appearing all the time.)

Not surprisingly, she’s handled it with grace. The really funny thing is that Glandorf and McCoy might be the first couple to go to football-crazy Cleveland to get away from a place that’s even more obsessed with football.

In the meantime, congratulations to Rachel and Colt, as well as the rest of the Glandorf family, Steve, her mom, Liisa, and brother, Todd. Have a great time whenever and wherever the wedding is. All the best from your friends in the mountains.

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