Here’s your Freud Five (or seven or eight) for 2018 (column) |

Here’s your Freud Five (or seven or eight) for 2018 (column)

Catch him if you can. Sebastian Moritz weaves through Rangely last month, just one of many performances that made him an all-leaguer again.
Chris Dillmann | Daily file photo |

Postseason basketball awards


4A Western Slope all-league

Devin Huffman, Battle Mountain, Player of the Year

Carlos Quezada, Eagle Valley

4A Western Slope honorable mention

Tony Hernandez, Eagle Valley

Qwahn Kent, Battle Mountain

Liam McKenny, Battle Mountain

Jacob Medina, Eagle Valley

2A Western Slope all-league

Sebastian Moritz, Vail Christian

Bryan Trujillo, Vail Christian

2A Western Slope honorable mention

Joseph Emmer, Vail Christian

Ethan Kuhns, Vail Christian

Zach McKeever, Vail Christian

Finn Connolly, Vail Mountain


4A Western Slope all-league

Reagan Bossow, Eagle Valley

Cassie Jaramillo, Eagle Valley

Claire Krueger, Battle Mountain

4A Western Slope honorable mention

Gabrielle Caballero, Battle Mountain

Stephany Hernandez, Battle Mountain

Kaitlyn Medina, Eagle Valley

2A Western Slope all-league

Jesse Raitt, Vail Christian

2A Western Slope honorable mention

Sarah Heredia, Vail Christian

Brookelyn Kraft, Vail Christian

Welcome to the Freud Five, the Vail Daily’s annual local high school basketball all-star team for the mathematically challenged as there’s no way I can pick just five players.

A player’s position is a relative thing as well because the Flying Freuds, whose team colors are, of course, orange and black — there’s no Eagle Valley red, Vegas gold or any form of blue, Vail Christian and Vail Mountain, on this squad — are definitely guard-oriented this season. Heck, we might take from volleyball, running a 6-2, six guards and two posts.

Yes, I know that’s not how the volleyball 6-2 works, but that’s how the Freud Five rolls.

Point guard

Bryan Trujillo

We thought about the Saints’ Ethan Kuhns running the offense, but then we came to our senses. It was hard to tell who was the point at Vail Christian as they had two point guards, who double as shooting guards. But that’s what made this team so fun to watch.

As for Trujillo, he dishes, he shoots and, either way, the Saints score. He also averaged three steals per game, which goes well with a scoring average of 15 points and five dimes.

Rhetorical question: Do payphones still exist? Trujillo can still use them, if they do.

Shooting guard(s)

Carlos Quezada, Jacob Medina and Raul Pereida, Eagle Valley

This team — be it Eagle Valley or the Freud Five — is a bunch of 3-point shooters, so here are a few of the run-and-gun Devils, who set state records for 3-pointers attempted and made.

Both Quezada and Medina shot 30 percent or better from downtown and Pereida dropped a bomb (30 points) on Battle Mountain in the highlight of the season for those from Gypsum. The Freud Five will rotate in whomever’s hot. If all three get hot simultaneously, then we’re playing 8-on-5.

Small forward

Sebastian Moritz, Vail Christian

Yes, out of position, but we’ll create a new position for him — hot-dogging-player-who-backs-it-up-with-skill-and-still-makes-several-eye-popping-plays-per-game. Yes, that’s now a position.

Moritz’ scoring numbers were down this year because teams were keying on him, but he found other ways to beat opponents.

Moritz also finishes as the school’s fourth leading scorer with Jaryd Francis, Robbie Bowles, Caleb Pearson and Trujillo filling out the top five.

Speaking of fives, that could be Vail Christian’s all-time five, though Sug Ellsworth needs a spot.

Power forward

Jesse Raitt, Vail Christian

Out of position, or is she? The senior had 18 points, three assists and three steals per game, which makes her the sixth guard to be named to this team.

She also had 9.9 rebounds per game. Not many point guards do that.

More importantly, Raitt handled herself with grace on the court during a difficult season off it. This young lady’s ready for the world.

Raitt’s also the first player to make all-Freud — is that a thing? — all four years of her high-school career.


Devin Huffman, Battle Mountain

He stands out, be it on this team of guards, for the Huskies or in the 4A Western Slope.

Ladies and germs, Huffman is the 4A Western Slope Player of the Year with 19 points, nearly nine rebounds and almost three blocks per game.

He’s the Huskies hoopster to be the Player of the Year since a guy named Connor Drumm, who was pretty good in his day.

And, yes, Huffman, if you want to play guard like the rest of the team, then go ahead.


Sheldon Kuhns, Vail Christian

The coach was not a happy camper after the Paonia game — I think I scored on the Saints during that second half. Kuhns got the Saints to play defense and they finished 18-6, one game from the State Eight.

It should be noted he is also undefeated as a girls basketball coach at 1-0. That puts him over the top for this honor.

Freud Awards

• Most Charges Taken: Gotta be Vail Christian’s Joseph “Freud, stop calling me Teller” Emmer. The kid took a charge during a 17-0 run at Soroco. Who takes a charge during a 17-0 run? Joseph Emmer does.

• Cris Carter Award: “All Tony Hernandez does is find the ball,” said Devils coach Chris Walls back in January. The guy’s pretty clutch, too, beating Rifle with free throws.

• Most Fouls?: The Saints’ Ethan Kuhns certainly committed the most this season of any player. However, he’s claiming all-time honors at Vail Christian. Perhaps he can phone the coach of his team to find out (or walk into the TV room during the NCAA tournament).

On a serious note, he gave the Saints a much-needed presence in the paint, and was so happy to be back on the court after an injury sidelined him all of last year.

The too early Freud Five for 2019

• Battle Mountain’s Claire Krueger is only a junior? That good news for Huskies girls basketball next year.

• Vail Christian’s Zach McKeever is only a junior? That’s good news for Vail Christian basketball next year.

• It’s not a person, but a thing — defense. Eagle Valley’s boys need to play some. We’re not talking about becoming the “Bad Boys” Detroit Pistons, but just something. We’re talking token resistance. That will make the Devils dangerous.

• Fab froshes: Battle Mountain’s Gabrielle Caballero and Eagle Valley’s Carlos Sanchez made an impact. How much do they work to raise their game?

• Very quietly, Battle Mountain’s Liam McKenny put together a nice season. Does he step up as a junior? With work, young McKenny can be a player.

• Shut, up, I know this is seven, but the Era of Moritz is not over. Vail Christian has a super soph too in Alec Moritz. Get working, kid.

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