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Homecoming spotlight – Bradie Beagley

Ian Cropp
Daily file photoBradie BeagleyVail Christian volleyball

Bradie Beagley in one of three seniors on the Vail Christian volleyball team. She loves playing for the Saints, and hopes they can beat Ridgway on Saturday for Homecoming. It’s likely she’ll be buzzing around the court, and may sting the opponent with her kills. For more on Bradie, read on:Date of Birth: April 19, 1988Born in: VailSiblings: Britni, 15, Steil, 13Parents: Patty and MarkClass: SeniorPosition: Outside hitter

Why are you excited for homecoming?: “Dancing and the games.”Most embarrassing moment in volleyball?: “Going up to hit the ball and coming back down and having it hit you in the face.”What do you like your coach Cathy Alexander?: “She’s really focused and she dedicates so much to the team. She has kids, but she completely makes this season as much hers as we do.”What is your best moment in volleyball?: “Vail Mountain School game last year.”Favorite school subject: EnglishFavorite authors: Philip Pullman and Mary Ellen CurleyFavorite genres: Science fiction and romance

Plans for next year: “Possibly Westmont College in Santa Barbara, or maybe somewhere in Colorado.”What are your career goals?: “Nursing or possibly theater.”Favorite sports team: Vail Christian SaintsFavorite volleyball team other than U.S. national team: University of HawaiiFavorite Broadway musical: The Phantom of the OperaWhat do you do in your free time?: “Dirtbike and hangout with friends.”Least favorite noise: “I hate the noise of shoes on gravel. Anything to do with gravel.”

Where is your happy place?: “This place in Washington right on the coast called Salt Creek. It’s the most beautiful place I’ve ever been.”Favorite food: Steak and potatoesIf you could have one superpower, what would it be?: “Read people’s minds.”If you could be one animal, what would it be?: A beeIf you had a free day tomorrow, what would you do?: “Get a bunch of friends together and do something weird and unexpected.”Who will be the next president?: “If she runs, I hope Condoleeza Rice.”Favorite questions to ask other people?: “Penny for your thoughts?”Vail, Colorado

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