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Homecoming spotlight – Drew Daley

Date of birth: Aug. 14, 1985

Parents: Andy and Lucinda Daley

What do you like about soccer?: “Everything, really. The competition, the team. Right now, our team’s doing great. I love the team aspect of it.”

What’s this team like?: “It’s the most fun team I’ve ever been on. I think It’s the best team I’ve played on since freshman year. Our team gets along the best.”

Who are the jokers on this team?: “Patrick Scanlan.”

Position: Left fullback

What’s your role?: “It’s about keeping possession when you have the ball and getting possession when we don’t.”

What’s it like to be a senior?: “In the soccer aspect, it’s much different. You definitely want it more than you’ve ever wanted to win before. Last year, of course, we went to state and I definitely wanted to win. This year, it’s a whole new level. I know I’m not going to have another year.”

What’s Bandoni like as a coach?: “He’s the best coach I’ve ever had. He’s patient. He never gets angry. He’s a great coach.”

Funniest Bob Bandoni moment: “I guess it’s driving. His driving’s really funny.”

How much do you want to wear orange?: “Oh, man, can’t even describe it. A lot.”

Favorite courses in school: Environmental studies and U.S. history

College plans: Will be taking a post-graduate year

Sports you like to watch: Hockey

Favorite team: Avs

Favorite player: Peter Forsberg

Favorite TV Show: Family Guy

Favorite movie star: Seth Green

Favorite Simpsons character: Homer

Favorite movie: Something to Lose

Favorite type of music: Punk rock

Favorite artist: Face to Face

Favorite food: Indian food – curry

Favorite drink: Cranrasberry juice

Favorite pizza slice: Green peppers, onions, pineapple, ham and mushrooms

Favorite color: Green

Favorite book: Into Thin Air

Favorite video game: Grand Theft Auto 3

If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?: A big tree

If you were the ruler of the world for one day, what would you do?: “I would stay as far away from war as possible.”

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