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Homecoming spotlight – Kayla Phillips

Ian Cropp
Daily file photoEagle Valley's Kayla Phillips

Kayla Phillips has played on the varsity squad for four years. For the first two years she was the designated hitter for varsity and played catcher for JV. In her second year she played outfield, then switched to first base last year. This year, she’s excited to be back at her favorite position, catcher. For more on Kayla, read on:Date of birth: Oct. 29, 1987Born in: Mayslanding, N.J. Parents: Lisa and Genero Phillips.Siblings: Samantha, 19, Angela, 14. Position: Catcher

For how long have you been playing softball?: “As long as I can remember.”What do you like best about your sport?: “The whole concept. It’s fun to go out there and play with other kids and be a team. After playing with the team you get to know them and have a family with them. You feel like you belong somewhere.”Why is the team different than the past years?: “We have a lot of talented athletes, but everyone is now a little older and stronger in their abilities.”What is your best moment in softball?: “When I hit the ball far. I can feel the connection is perfect – it’s indescribable.”What is your most embarrassing moment in softball?: “I get embarrassed when I’m not focused and I don’t know how many outs there are and there’s a pop fly and I’m cruising around the bases.”What is your coach Bill Beasley like?: “I like him. For one thing, he’s been my coach since I started softball. He makes us work hard and he’s really supportive when we are not having the best day.”Are you going to homecoming?: “I’m a little bit indecisive on weather or not to go. If I get a date I’ll go.”

What do you plan on studying in college?: “I hope to go to into culinary arts, or game design.”Career plans: “To be a chef. Not a very suave chef, but not one like burger king. Somewhere in the middle.”Favorite food: Caesar SaladCraziest food you’ve eaten?: “Escargot. That threw me for a loop.” Favorite subject: “I like web design, or anything that has to do with computers.”Favorite TV show: Inu YashaFavorite pro sports team: Green Bay Packers

Favorite actor: Johnny DeepFavorite movie: The Nightmare Before ChristmasFavorite leisure activity: Video Games.Country you would like to visit: JapanThe longest you’ve gone without sleeping: 22 hoursIf you could choose a superpower, what would it be?: “Fly”If you could rule the world for one day, what would you do?: “I would have a huge convention and have all my favorite actors and bands come and entertain me.”Vail, Colorado

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