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Homecoming Spotlight – Kylan Kottenstette

Ian Cropp
Special to the DailyEV Football, Kylan Kottenstette

Kylan is living the dream right now. As a senior, he’s starting both ways for the football team. Oh, and he conducts interviews from his hot tub with teammate Chris Harvey. He’s not as relaxed on the field, which his opponents can attest to without a problem. For more on Kylan, read on:Date of birth: December 19, 1987Born in: VailSiblings: Matt, 13Position: Linebacker and offensive lineWhen did you start playing football?: 5th gradeWhat do you like most about football?: “Being able to hit someone as hard as you can and not getting in trouble for it.”

What do you like least about football?: “Losing.”What do you like about the team this year?: “They have a lot of heart and don’t give up. Every team we go against is bigger, but it doesn’t matter.”What is your best moment in football?: “Probably the last two games. I had a lot of tackles.”What is your most embarrassing moment in football?: “When I was the water boy my freshman year the play came out of bounds and they hit me.”What is coach John Rumanno like?: “He’s been around a long time, and knows a lot about football. He’s a good role model and leader. He is one of those old coaches who is really trustworthy and has a lot of stories to tell.”Are you excited for the Homecoming game?: “It’s a pretty big game, but I feel like we have the upper hand.”Homecoming date: Courtney Best. What is your favorite thing about school?: “Weightlifting.”What are your plans for next year?: “I haven’t decided on a certain college, but I’ll probably stay in Colorado and play football at a small college. I’d like to study physical fitness and health awareness.”

What are your career plans?: “I’d like to be a personal trainer or a PE teacher.”Favorite car: “Trucks…big trucks.”Favorite food: SeafoodWhat is the craziest food you’ve tried?: CalamariFavorite movie: Friday Night LightsFavorite actor: Mel GibsonFavorite pro sports team?: “Broncos, even though they aren’t doing well.”Favorite Bronco: “Easy” Ed McCaffrey

Country you would like to visit: FranceFavorite activity other than football: WrestlingFavorite wrestler: Caleb SandersonIf you could have one superpower, what would it be?: “I would be unstoppable.”What is the longest you’ve gone without sleeping?: “About 48 hours. I went to Germany and with the time change when we landed, it was morning again and we had to stay up the whole day.”If you could rule the world for one day, what would you do?: “I’d be living out another year of high school football.”First word: BallWho is the best football player of all-time: “Dick Butkus – they designed some rules after him.”If you could go one place for Spring Break, where would you go?: “Mexico. I went there two years ago with my family, and was relaxing and fun.”Vail, Colorado

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