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Homecoming spotlight – Tiffany Allan

“I’m a fanatic,” she says. “Everyone knows this. I eat ice cream faster than any other human alive.”

So attention, VMS volleyball, if you want to see the ball, some Ben and Jerry’s might be a good idea. The setter on the VMS volleyball team, Allan runs the potent Gore Rangers’ attack, which takes on Ouray Saturday as a part of Homecoming. Here’s a rundown on Allan:

Date of birth: March 19, 1985

Parents: Paul and Sandra

Siblings: Alexis, 21

Hometown: Oakland, New Jersey

How is Colorado different from Jersey: “How is Colorado not different from New Jersey?”

What do you like about volleyball?: “I’m a pretty competitive person. I like being a part of a team sport. Volleyball gives you both of those.”

Position: Setter

What’s the difference between setting for Maggie Haslee and Lara Bossow?: “Just playing with them for so long, I’ve learned a lot about them. Maggie has a huge approach and really good jump, so you have to put her at the antenna so she has the option of a liner, an angle. Tree, just get the ball in front of her and let her pound on it. She can pretty much adjust to anything. She’s hit some sets of mine that have been really off.”

What’s this team like?: “We have a lot of fun together. Between the different classes even, freshmen through seniors, everyone really gets along. What you see on the court is serious play and a lot of fun aspects of the game together. What everyone doesn’t see is when we’re in the locker room helping each other out.”

What’s Mike Garvey like as a coach?: “Garvey’s a great coach. We always said that he’d be a great dad and now he is one. You can talk to him about everything.”

What’s funniest thing you’ve seen him do?: “When I had my 15-serve game (against Vail Christian last month), I missed a serve in the second game and he threw his clipboard down and screamed. Everyone thought he was serious. My mom and my grandparents were here and were staring at him. But I knew he was joking. He does some good impressions.”

Impressions?: “He’s got a good Will Smith impression and a special coach impression. I can’t elaborate on it too much.”

How much do you guys want to get back to the state playoffs?: “I think all of us, what we’re thinking about right now is winning state.”

What’s it like being a senior?: Being a senior at this school is a lot of fun because it’s K-12 and you get to play with the little kids.”

Favorite subjects: English and Psychology

College plans: Applying to CU, UC-Santa Cruz and Northwestern – among others.

Career plans: Law and/or writing

Sports you watch: Baseball and volleyball

Favorite team: New York Yankees

Favorite player: Derek Jeter

Favorite TV show: That 70’s Show

Favorite TV star: Ashton Kutcher

Favorite movie: Clockwork Orange

Favorite movie star: Brad Pitt

Favorite type of music: Classic rock – plays the acoustic guitar

Favorite food : Ice cream

Favorite drink: Chocolate milk shake

Favorite pizza slice: Pepperoni

Favorite color: Blue or green

Favorite book: Great Expectations

If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?: Aspen

If you were ruler of the world for one day, what would you do?: “I would promote anarchy.”

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