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Homecomings, not talking Saints volleyball and photo bombing

Chris Freud

Apparently, there was a big volleyball game on Wednesday, so we’ll keep this brief, or as brief as I can.

First off, happy Homecoming to Battle Mountain, and early Homecoming wishes to Eagle Valley. (The Devils are next week.) People, keep your eyes on the prize during the hoopla. To preempt the talk you’ll be getting from your coaches, we’ve got a lot of good seasons going.

Do you really want to wreck it by making a stupid decision? Beating to death, and with good reason, the theme of sports as an extension of the classroom, your decisions have an impact on others. Make the right ones.

He … could … go …

• Yeah, it wasn’t a win, but Eagle Valley football played well in a 26-0 loss to the Bears. Rifle didn’t come into Gypsum, and collectively say, “Hi, we’re running over right tackle. Good luck stopping us.”

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In fact, the Devils did a nice job on the run. Eagle Valley’s defense forced the Bears to try the air, and Rifle popped two big plays.

I am a big fan of Rifle coach Damon Wells, but I have no idea, none, why the Bears started the second half with an onside kick. He almost let the Devils back into the game. Had Eagle Valley scored on that first drive of the second half, it’s a whole new ball game.

Now, go wreck Summit County’s Homecoming.

• The Huskies messed up Moffat County’s festivities last year, 41-27, up in Craig. Moffat County will be trying to return the favor when it visits Battle Mountain on Friday.

Battle Mountain, you must approach this game with humility. Last year’s result does not automatically award you a win this year. In fact, the 2A Slope hates your guts for coming into the league and winning last year. Every team wants a piece of you.

What’s more, Moffat is in a much more settled situation this year. The Bulldogs beat Steamboat Springs, 28-0. That get your attention?

• Vail Christian football provided the funniest moment of last week with Brady Ellsworth running along with Caleb Chicoine. Young Brady is a photo bomber. Keep it rolling, gents.

Alumni report

• A little belated, but Garrett Wilson played all 90 minutes for Gonzaga in its 2-1 win over No. 13 Oregon State. Wilson is Vail Christian, Class of 2015.

• We have a serious colony out at Colorado Mesa University soccer. Sophomore Roberto Diaz (Battle Mountain ’14) has five starts for the Mavericks. Kevin and Nestor Escobar, both Eagle Valley alums, are his teammates. The Escobars have already accounted for three assists. And Alex Trujillo (Battle Mountain ’14) is also there. See, the Devils and Huskies can play nicely.

• And, in cross-country, Val Constien, running for CU, finished 10th in the CSU Invitational. The Constiens are apparently very good at running fast.

Please don’t talk about this

• Yes, there are the 4A volleyball teams, but does anyone else notice that Vail Christian volleyball is 9-0? However, if I start talking about the Saints winning league and postseason scenarios, then coach Cathy Alexander will give me that look that I am never to speak of this again.

So we’re done.

Looking at the table

Battle Mountain (6-1) and Eagle Valley (6-2) soccer are tied at the top of the table with 18 points — yes, the Huskies have a game in hand. And Steamboat is at 15 at 5-1. What is really cool is that all three teams control their own destiny for the league title.

Before we get to our round robin — Steamboat at Eagle Valley, Oct. 13; Eagle Valley at Battle Mountain, Oct. 15; Steamboat at Battle Mountain, Oct. 22 — there are the lu-lu games. These are games where the three contenders absolutely cannot drop points.

Eagle Valley has Delta at home on Saturday.

Battle Mountain is at Glenwood Springs on Tuesday, and this game should terrify the Huskies.

Steamboat is at Summit County on Tuesday.

History says someone is going to stumble. Don’t let it be you.

Eagle Ranch time

Class 3A state golf comes to Eagle Ranch on Monday and Tuesday. The course’s director of golf Jeff Boyer says that the field will be playing a gold/blue tee mix of around 6,800 yards.

How will CHSAA set up the pins? Anyone want front left or back right on No. 9? Ouch. Seriously, there are so many ways of messing with these guys at this course, which will be a great venue for this tournament. Imagine how that back nine will play during the final round on Tuesday. Nos. 16, 17 and 18 will be where state dreams come true or go to die. (I consider it a personal triumph if I play those holes with the same golf ball.)

Go Ben Barron, Oliver Pesso and Sean Weller of VMS. Show ’em all how it’s done.

And, Eagle Valley’s Barrett Jones, hit them straight at Fox Hills.

Sports Editor Chris Freud can be reached at 970-748-2934.

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