Hot ladies and 1080s on Day 1 |

Hot ladies and 1080s on Day 1

John Spriggs
Preston Utley/Vail DailyJohn Spriggs of Team Vail will be submitting his journal entries to the Vail Daily.

VAIL My day began early in the morning at 7. I had to be ready at the hill by 8 a.m., which is quite a feat for me since this whole year I hadn’t been to mountain earlier than 9:45 a.m. Somehow, I managed to get myself out of bed, having gotten very little sleep from the night before because I was thinking about the competition that lay ahead of me.

I ate my usual competition breakfast, which consists of two raw eggs in milk. It was quite tasty, if I may add. After I finished my raw egg milk, I headed over to the hill and met up with some of the riders in the Larkspur building. We got ready to charge the crazy nar-nar that is this year’s slopestyle course on Golden Peak. We were all stoked to get up there and hit the newly groomed terrain. I met up with my coach Jason Lance and took some warm up laps with Andrew Wicks, a friend and competitor from Aspen, and some kids from the Carrabassett Valley Academy – the premier skiing academy in the United States. Things were looking good. The sun was coming out and the jumps were prime. The first heat started at 9 a.m. and I was the second skier to go, right behind my arch nemesis Alex Balson.

After exchanging a few cuss words and punches, we decided to focus on the comp and not fight to the death. My first run was not even worthy of discussion.I knew I would not qualify with the run I laid down, so I decided to go for it on my second run.I hit the red flat bar, 450ed the double kink rail and did a cab 720 to a cab 1080 off the two kickers on the course. I stomped both jumps, thanks to my K2 skis and my steezy Oakley clothing. I knew the run was good enough to earn me a top spot. I ended up in fourth, which advanced me to the semifinals. Wow, was I relieved. After that, I decided to finish the day out strong, so I threw on a Jiberish velour jumpsuit and set out to find some hot ladies to jump in the hot tub with me.

That’s another story for another time, though.John Spriggs skis for K2, Jiberish Lounge Wear, Oakley, Buzz’s boards and Vail.Vail Colorado

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