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"Humble" Rockies are a quiet bunch

Jim Armstrong
The Denver Post
Colorado Rockies Troy Tulowitzki, front center, and the teammates enjoy Willin Rosario's (65) dancing for the 1st day of full squad practice of 2010 Spring Training at Hi Crobett Field in Tucson, AZ on Friday. Hyoung Chang/ The Denver Post

TUCSON – For a team that’s made a lot of noise on the field in recent years, the Rockies sure are a quiet bunch.

“It’s a very humble group of guys,” Rockies general manager Dan O’Dowd said. “There’s not a lot of bravado there.”

Unlike the Yankees and Red Sox, the Rockies are not to be confused with rock stars. The closest Rockies player to fitting that description is Jason Giambi, and he’s a bench player.

The Rockies much prefer the shadows to the limelight. They have an air about them, but precious little flair.

“It’s the personality of some of the individuals in that clubhouse and, frankly, that’s the way I like it,” Rockies manager Jim Tracy said. “It’s not necessary to create bulletin-board fodder for other clubs. We recognize who we are, and we go about our business accordingly. And through the course of our actions, that’s when people walk away from you shaking their heads and saying, ‘Boy, they’re awfully good.’ “

So what makes the Rockies so confident? What were the forces at play that enabled them to make the playoffs last season despite a lineup that racked up the second-most strikeouts in the National League and didn’t include anyone with 100 RBIs?

They have many strengths, but you have to look and listen closely to find them.

They’re quiet strengths that rarely take a day off but make the Rockies a serious threat to win the National League West for the first time.

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