Huskies boys top notch in home meet |

Huskies boys top notch in home meet

Battle Mountain's Cameron Moore, runs under Centennial Lift during the 2014 Battle Mountain Invitational at Beaver Creek on Saturday. Moore placed fifth with a time of 19 minutes and 34 seconds. The Huskies boys won their home meet.
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Battle Mountain Invite


Team results

1. Battle Mountain 61; 2. Legend 66; 3. Fossil Ridge 90; 4. Cheyenne Mountain 123; 5. Eagle Valley 128.

Individual results

2. Gino Giovagnoli, EV, 19:20

5. Cameron Moore, BM, 19:34

6. Alexis Aguirre, BM, 19:38

12. Josh Braun, BM, 19:59

14. Ethan Pence, BM, 20:00

20. Michael Niemeyer, EV, 20:32

24. Ricky Arreola, BM, 20:45

26. Brandon Sheard, EV, 20:51

33. Matt Jordan, EV,21:14

38. Jake Borrel, BM, 21:25

44. Shane Ridler, BM, 21:49

47. Riley Mehan, EV, 21:59

60. Vladimir Carbajal, EV, 23:04

63. Isaac Yoder, EV, 23:12


Team results

1. Fossil Ridge 80; 2. Battle Mountain 83; 3. Steamboat Springs 101; 4. Kent Denver 116; 5. Cheyenne Mountain 128 … 7. Eagle Valley 186.

Individual results

10. Hannah Gaylord, BM, 23:26

15. Carly Volkmer, EV,, 24:21

16. Anabel Johnson, BM, 24:22

18. Rychelle Denardo, BM, 24:27

19. Izze Calabrese, BM, 24:37

21. Kaela Fahrney, BM, 24:39

24. Shawna Adams, EV, 24:57

33. Megan Rossman, BM, 25:38

34. Melissa Delgado, BM, 25:40

42. Desi Mendoza, EV, 26:11

45. Michaela Mitchell, EV, 26:18

60. Tyler Beckum, EV, 27:12

71. Brynn Mehan, EV, 27:52

81. Karla Jaramillo, EV, 29:30

BEAVER CREEK — Haymeadow at Beaver Creek is not a very steep run during the winter.

It’s the bunny slope for beginners or a cruiser to get to Centennial.

Try running up it. Haymeadow could be the Birds of Prey racecourse for all people think.

At the Battle Mountain Invitational on Saturday, the Huskies boys cross-country team proved particularly adept at doing so, winning its home meet, while the ladies in black and gold finished second.

“It’s a tough course, and we actually made a little change to avoid a steep, rock downhill, so it gave it a little more uphill than before,” Huskies coach Rob Parish said.

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Not that Parish doesn’t enjoy torturing runners.

The times were definitely up from a flat course like Delta last week, but that’s the point of this race. The local teams, Battle Mountain and Eagle Valley, are used to running at 8,000 feet or so, and Front Range teams like to come up here to get the altitude experience.

The Battle Mountain boys knocked off 5A Legend, and Fossil Ridge, as well as 4A Cheyenne Mountain, in winning the competition.

“They’re cautiously confident,” Parish said of the gents. “They know they’ve put in a lot of time and work during the summer, but they know what they have to do during the next seven or eight weeks. They’re not so concerned about the pecking order (individually), but with team place.”

Cameron Moore led that pecking order, and Parish was particularly impressed with Alexis Aguirre, who was sixth, but was sitting in 15th with about a mile to go.

The Battle Mountain girls were just three points behind winner Fossil Ridge, again a 5A.

Izze Calabrese had a big day for the Huskies.

“She was a monster today,” Parish said. “She stepped up for us big time. Izze is an incredible athlete with an incredible range.”

Parish should know. Calabrese does the 300-meter hurdles, the 1,600 relay and the pole vault for him during the spring in track and field.


Last week, Eagle Valley cross-country coach Melinda Brandt said in this space that she wanted to see Gino Giovagnoli reel in some runner to whom he lost at Delta.

Done and done.

Giovagnoli was second in a time of 19 minutes, 20 seconds.

The Devils know this course from previous years and also ran it on Labor Day to get a feel.

Nonetheless, it’s still tough, and the Eagle Valley girls weren’t at their best on Saturday, according to Brandt.

“The hills hurt a little,” Brandt said. “But we take the positive things out of it. We have a lot more in us. It’s a good stepping stone.”

The Hosses for the Devils were Shelby Essex and Aiden Branch.

Eagle Valley is looking forward to a cruising course, and its timing is impeccable. The Devils host the Eagle Valley Invitational at Gypsum Creek Golf Course on Saturday. There is the Devils Dash, a citizen’s race, at 9 a.m., followed by varsity races at 10 and 10:45 a.m.

“We’re expecting 17 schools, and probably over 250 runners,” Brandt said. “The growth of this meet is great, and we love hosting. It’s great to give the community a taste of what cross-country is about.”

Sports Editor Chris Freud can be reached at 970-748-2934, and @cfreud.

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