Huskies cross-country runs with 5A squads at Columbine |

Huskies cross-country runs with 5A squads at Columbine

Dave Sanders Invitational


7. Naomi Harding, 18:47

8. Lizzy Harding, 18:52

9. Grace Johnson, 18:56

23. Elliott Pribramsky, 19:51

24. Brogan Murray, 19:55


28. Nico Piliero, 17:07

46. Deagen Fahrney, 17:29

48 Sullivan Middaugh, 17:29

51. Jason Macaluso, 17:31

60. David Reilly, 17:51

DENVER — Call it a dress rehearsal. Battle Mountain cross-country had the gang back together and let them all lose at Friday, Sept. 21’s Dave Sanders Invitational at Columbine in Denver.

The 4A Huskies — both boys and girls — ran in the Division I race against all 5A schools.

The girls finished third behind Mountain Vista and Cherokee Trail, while the gents were ninth among 5A squads.

Quick start

Before we get to the ladies, who get most of the press, a word on the boys. Two weeks ago at St. Vrain, they got buried at the start. A team doesn’t want to blow out of the start, consuming all energy, but there’s only so much time in 5 kilometers to gain ground.

Getting off to a better start was Friday’s goals and the gents did it well.

Ninth may not sound like much, but the Huskies finished behind five 5A-schools, who are in the poll. Huskies coach Rob Parish feels confident the gents will be fine when they’re running against teams in their weight class.

“Given the competitive context, the boys did a great job of working on tactics,” Parish said. “They took a lesson and applied it, and that’s all you can ask for as a coach.”

All five scoring Huskies were faster than 18 minutes on Friday.

Great expectations

An, no we’re not talking about Charles Dickens.

The Battle Mountain girls renewed acquaintances with Mountain Vista. You may remember that school from such previous episodes of Huskies cross-country, such as “Nike Cross Regionals” and “Nike Cross Nationals.”

This year would be the sequel after the Huskies on the Vail Valley Running Club ran down their 5A prey in postseason competitions.

Like last year, the Huskies find themselves looking up at Mountain Vista during the regular season.

For the first time since the Battle Mountain Invitational three weeks ago, the gang was all there and the gang is still fast.

It’s now more a matter of being in race form as the postseason approaches.

“To be the best, we have to race the best,” Parish said. “To compete with Mountain Vista, we need to get our No. 1 with their No. 1 and our No. 4 with their No. 4 and so on. That was the purpose of going to Columbine and we can stack up on any level.”

Battle Mountain is at Glenwood Springs next week.


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