Huskies girls hoops kicks off summer play |

Huskies girls hoops kicks off summer play

Then there’s the Battle Mountain girls basketball summer team.

“We’re in Fort Collins Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Our last game on Sunday is at 4 p.m. We’ll all jump into the Suburban and we go to Grand Junction. We have a 9:15 p.m. game on Sunday night,” coach David Hite said. “We play Sunday, Monday, Tuesday there and then we come home for the Fourth of July. Then we’re gone the next day for Colorado Springs.”

For those counting at home, that’s 20 games in the next 10 days. And that’s coming off a weekend of games at a Mid-America Youth Basketball (MAYB) tourney at Parker.

The Huskies are criss-crossing the state to gain experience with an eye toward a successful 2002-03 season.

“I think it’s just going to be huge for us because we’re playing tournament-style schedules. We played four games last Saturday alone,” Hite said. “The exposure of our girls seeing other girls and seeing other girls playing and what other teams have out there will help.”

The Huskies have two traveling teams. Team No. 1 is Kati Russell, Sara Lybarger, Tanya Salazar, Tricia Salazar, Krystal Ettawill, Karla Gonzalez, Mary Ramirez, Kim White, Nicole Leroy and Erin Drumm. Hite’s second squad is Megan Reigel, Katie Hite, Alexis Juinn, Ashley Wood, Ashley Sandoval, Emily Ewing, Rochelle Romero, Jessie Jacobson, Jenna Tjossem and Samatha Davis.

Both teams faced stiff competition from larger schools and state all-star teams last weekend, going winless. But wins and losses are not the bottom line when it comes to summer ball.

“Won-loss record, we’re not looking at that,” Hite said. “We’re looking at getting ourselves better. Playing competition that’s going to push us to get better is the way to do that.”

That improvement could be seen by the end of last weekend.

“The first game we’re all together, cluttered up in the lanes. The last game, we finally got them to spread out, pass the ball around and get some open shots,” Hite said. “Just being able to play together and stay in hotels together draws us together as a team. That will help us for team building.”

There’ll be plenty of opportunities for that in the next 10 days. The Huskies will be seeing teams from every part of the state, starting with a MAYB tourney in Fort Collins this weekend. The Mesa State Camp brings the Huskies to Grand Junction early next week, followed by another MAYB in Colorado Springs at the end of the week.

With all this travel, the Huskies are looking for a sponsor or three to help out with the costs. Those interested should call Hite at (970) 827-9415.

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