Huskies Homecoming spotlight: Charlie Tedstrom |

Huskies Homecoming spotlight: Charlie Tedstrom

Charlie Tedstrom

I’ve done spotlights for nearly 10 years, and I think we have the best answer for “most embarrassing moment” here. This might prevent Huskies senior Charlie Tedstrom from being nominated to the Supreme Court in his future, even though he plans to be an architect. When he isn’t being dragged along a lake by a motor boat, Tedstrom is a very underrated fullback for Battle Mountain soccer. Charlie and company will be on display Thursday ” tie them tight, Teddy ” Thursday night at 6 during the team’s Homecoming game at Phelan Field. For more on Charlie, read on:

Date of birth: Nov. 15, 1989

Born in: Minneapolis

Parents: Carri and John Tedstrom

Siblings: Connor, 15, and Anna, 12

What’s it like being the oldest? “Pretty exciting because I’m going to college, so my parents haven’t gone through that with a kid yet. I’m the guinea pig basically.”

What’s fun about soccer? “I’ve been playing it since I was about 4 years old, and it’s just a great game. It’s intense, the teamwork that’s involved, the passing. I love playing it. It’s just exciting. I love getting better.”

What has this year been like? “It’s been amazing. We didn’t really know how well this team was going to do. We came together. It’s basically a new group of guys and people stepped up.”

Position: Fullback

How do you work together on defense? “With the family connection (Connor), we know what each other is going to do. We just have to hold it down.”

What’s a realistic goal for the team? “We want to get as far as we did last year, the quarterfinals. We want to try one of those big teams again, like Broomfield or Liberty. We want to see how well we can do against those teams.”

What is coach David Cope like? “He’s just a great mentor. He’s a great history teacher and he’s a great soccer coach. He knows the game well.”

Best moment in soccer: “This year, the first game against Summit, I scored the first goal, and it was off a header. That was my first varsity goal. That was pretty special.”

Most embarrassing moment (not soccer): “This year I was water skiing. My swimsuit fell down. I mooned a few people.”

Funniest teammate: “That would probably be The Widow Maker, Tyler Madison.”

Funniest Cope moment: “Whenever we dump water on him, it’s funny.”

Favorite subject: English

Applying to: Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo, Southern Cal, Oregon and CU.

Possible career: Architecture

Sports you watch: Baseball and hockey

Favorite teams: Rockies and Avalanche

Favorite national soccer team: United States

Favorite TV show: “Family Guy”

Favorite movie: “Boondock Saints”

Favorite movie star: Edward Norton

Favorite video game: Halo 3

Favorite book: “Catch 22”

What’s on your iPod? “Everything besides country.”

Hobbies: Skiing (snow and water) and camping

Where do you go on a powder day? Blue Sky Basin

Favorite camp site: Moab, Utah

Mac or PC: PC

Favorite Web site: YouTube ” “We actually do have a video of (my water skiing). We’ve been thinking about it.”

Favorite food: Italian

Favorite pizza slice: Sausage and green peppers

Favorite color: Blue

First word(s): French fry

If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be? Blue spruce

If you were ruler of the world for one day, what would you do? “I would take a trip around the world.”

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