Huskies Homecoming spotlight – Crystin Rodrick |

Huskies Homecoming spotlight – Crystin Rodrick

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Traditionally, seniors get the spotlight for Homecoming, but Huskies volleyball has no seniors. So, we give you junior Crystin Rodrick. She’s a St. Patrick’s Day baby and a force with which to be reckoned on the court. You don’t want to be on the receiving end of one of her spikes. Trust us. For more on Rodrick, read on:Date of birth: March 17, 1989Born in: Loma Linda, Calif.Parents: Robert and Jeannie RodrickSiblings: Candyce, 18, Bobbi, 22, and Clifford, 13Class: JuniorPosition: Setter and right-side hitterHow excited are you for Homecoming?: “I so excited. We’re pretty excited, stoked.”

What’ the volleyball team going to wear?: “It’s a secret. We’re hiding it. It’s a tradition. It must be carried out.”What do you like about volleyball?: “I don’t know. I can’t really tell you why. It’s just the feeling you have when you play.”What’s the perfect kill like?: “It doesn’t feel like you hit it actually. You go up an hit and it’s down. You feel extremely excited. It’s not just because you hit it. It’s a point for your team.”Other volleyball honors: On the USA Development team, national champion Colorado Juniors and High Performance Team second and eighth.How does club play help improve your skills?: “It helps a lot because you get to see what the other kids are like. They’re a blast. It’s really high speed. You try to keep up.”Best moment in volleyball?: “I’m going to say it’s no a hit. It was a dig where it was a shanked pass. I was diving and got it over the net to keep the play going with the High Performance team.”Most embarrassing moment: “My freshman year, it was one of the first games. I dove for a ball and hit my head on the bleachers.”What coach Brian Doyon like?: “He’s a good coach. He’s direct, tells you what you need to work on. There are no secrets. He’s very open.”Funniest teammate: Kori LandauerFavorite subject: AP biology

Career plans: “I always wanted to travel. If there’s something in business, something like international business.”Countries you want to visit: France, Italy and SpainFavorite sports to watch: Hockey, basketball and footballFavorite team: Stanford volleyballFavorite athlete: “Misty May. The reason I like her the most is because how short she is. She’s better than any 6-foot-4 girls out there.”Favorite TV show: The O.C.Favorite movie: Mr. and Mrs. SmithFavorite movie star: Brad PittFavorite books: The Harry Potter series – “The latest book was great. I read it quickly. I’m excited for the next one to come out. I like how she makes the characters grow older like in thought. Since (Harry Potter) is around my age, you know where he’s coming from in every book.”What do you do with your free time?: “Hang out with friends. That’s all I do when I’m out of (school). I just try to hang out with my friends as much as I can because I’m not there for them all the time.”

Mac or PC: PCFavorite Web site: GoogleFavorite food: Pasta with tomato-basil sauceFavorite pizza slice: Everything except jalapenosFavorite colors: Pink and greenFirst word: “I have no idea. Gaga, goo-goo, Daddy.”If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?: A Christmas tree or a palm treeIf you were ruler of the world for one day, what would you do?: “I’d make everyone watch volleyball.”Vail, Colorado

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