Huskies Homecoming spotlight – Joe Ortega |

Huskies Homecoming spotlight – Joe Ortega

Daily file photoBattle Mountain's Joe Ortega

Senior Joe Ortega played football at Battle Mountain his freshman year and the moved to Colorado Springs for two years. He’s back and the Huskies are glad to have him. The tight end/running back and defensive lineman is a big asset for the team as Battle Mountain hosts Montezuma-Cortez Friday. Just watch out for those stairs, Joe. For more on Ortega, read on: Date of birth: June 19, 1987Born in: Glenwood SpringsParents: Gloria Trujillo and Frank OrtegaSiblings: Eugene Trujillo, BMHS Class of 2002, and Christopher DuranClass: SeniorPosition: Tight end, running back and defensive lineman

What do you like about football?: “Defense because you can just level somebody. You take out all your anger on them.”What makes this team different than years past?: “We play as a team now. Our freshman year, it was pretty hard. Coming back to play at Battle Mountain, we’ve changed a lot over the year-and-a-half that I missed in moving to Colorado Springs. It’s a whole different story with the coaches and players. Everybody’s more serious.”What’s been your best moment in football?: “My best moment has been coming back and going to Adams State camp and showing the coaches what I can do, proving myself that I’m a football player and not just a kids out here to screw around.”Most embarrassing moment?: “Falling down the stairs. I was running and wasn’t paying attention and missed a stair and just rolled.”What coach Pat Engle like?: “Coach Engle, he’s a pretty good guy. He’s serious about football. I’m not saying coach (Fred) Koetteritz wasn’t. It’s a whole different story. I like both guys and our new coaching staff is pretty sweet. It’s a whole new staff and I’ve got to get used to it.”How excited are you for Homecoming?: “I’m pretty excited. Cortez, I heard they beat us pretty badly (last year). But, it’s a whole different story this year and hopefully we come out with a win.Funniest teammate: Jamie HijmansFavorite subject: GeometryCollege plans: ” I want to get a scholarship for football, try to bet a scholarship. But if that doesn’t work, I’m going to get a job and in a couple years go to college.”

Career plans: Building housesFavorite sports teams: Denver Broncos, New York Yankees and Colorado AvalancheAre the Broncos going to make the playoffs?: YesAre the Yankees going to catch the Red Sox?: “Oh yeah, the Red Sox aren’t going to win.”Favorite athletes: John Elway, Terrell Davis and Derek JeterFavorite TV show: The SimpsonsFavorite Simpsons character: BartFavorite movie: Wedding CrashersFavorite movie star: Pamela Anderson

Favorite video game: Kill ZoneWhat do you like to do in your free time?: “Play Playstation, play Madden and hang out.”Mac or PC: PCFavorite food: Chinese food – sweet and sour chickenFavorite pizza slice: Pepperoni, mushrooms and cheeseFavorite color: BlueWhat was your first word?: “Football”If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?: Blue spruceIf you were the ruler of the world for one day, what would you do?: “I would fly in the air and save everybody.”Vail, Colorado

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