Huskies Homecoming spotlight – Maddie McCaulley |

Huskies Homecoming spotlight – Maddie McCaulley

Maddie McCaulley

It’s Homecoming week in Huskies Nation but, let’s face it, the Battle Mountain cross-country team doesn’t stay in one place very long. So, Homecoming is sort of a foreign concept to these harriers – Battle Mountain’s at Aspen Saturday. We caught up with senior Maddie McCaulley and got her thoughts on cross country and other things.

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Date of birth: Aug. 1, 1986

Parents: John and Becky McCaulley

Sibling: Wade, BMHS frosh

Class: Senior

What draws you to cross country?: “I think the team that we have is really good. Just running for yourself and trying to be better, trying to make yourself better.”

What’s it like when you’re tiring in a race?: “I just tell myself I have to keep going. I have to finish the race.”

Hardest course: “I think our course is the hardest. Or Steamboat.”

What’s the camaraderie of the team like?: “I think it’s good having a team out there, cheering for you. You know someone’s out there for you, helping you. They’re pretty fun. Just because the team’s so big and because in cross country, only certain types of people come out for it.”

What is a “cross-country person” like?: “I don’t know. They’re just willing to go out there and try their best and work really, really hard. They’re willing to almost kill themselves out there.”

Best moment running: “Just finishing a race, knowing that you did your best. Sometimes, it’s running the best you can, and being happy about your race.”

Most embarrassing moment: “I think there was one time at the beginning of the race and I tripped and I was last.”

What’s your goal individually and what’s the goal for the team?: “My individual goal would be to qualify for state or at least place well at regionals. I think we can make it to states as a team because we were really close last year, and we didn’t have the team that we have this year. We didn’t have the runners.”

How are coaches Rob Parish and Kelli Witter?: “They’re good coaches. They give lots of advice and it’s all pretty good.”

Funniest teammates: “The freshman boys.”

Favorite subject in school: Art – “I’m in AP art and I like drawing. We need like 30 pieces by the end of the year.”

College plans: Applying to CU, CSU and DU.

Favorite TV shows: Gilmore Girls and Friends

Hobbies: Plays the violin.

Mac or PC: PC

Favorite food: Ice cream – Cookie dough

Favorite pizza slice: The works

Favorite color: Blue

First word: “I think it was Mommy or Daddy.”

If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?: Aspen

If you ruled the world for one day, what would you do?: “I would probably help poor people and work for world peace.”

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