Huskies Homecoming spotlight – Taylor Roach |

Huskies Homecoming spotlight – Taylor Roach

There’s the old saying of, “flying high,” but Battle Mountain soccer’s Taylor Roach has literally been flying high. An applicant to the Air Force Academy, has been in the cockpit twice – and he’s hooked. When he’s Earth-bound, he’s the right fullback for the Huskies soccer team.

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Date of birth: Aug. 26, 1985

Parents: Kevin and Cathy

Sibling: Travis, BMHS frosh

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Class: Senior

Position: Right fullback

What’s defense like?: “It’s fun. With your chances, you try to stop the other team’s chances. Shut people down.”

Best slide-tackle: “I got the ball, sent the guy flying and the ball was on the other end of the field.”

What’s fun about soccer?: “Playing as a team. Everyone’s always on the field, relying on everyone getting the job done.”

What’s this group like?: “It’s a good group. It’s young, but we’re doing pretty well. We have a good team.”

How excited are you for Homecoming?: “Rifle’s an important game. They beat us, and, I think, it might have been their Homecoming. So, we’d like to return the favor. We’re still undefeated at home.”

Best moment in soccer: “Probably being named captain before the Glenwood game.”

What’s the role of the captain?: “To keep the team positive, to keep everyone together, to make sure no one gets in arguments with each other.”

Most embarrassing moment: “Probably my freshman year when I stubbed my toe and rolled my anklewithout kicking the ball in practice.”

What’s David Cope like as a coach?: “Dave’s an awesome coach. He’s out there. He’s always got something motivating to say. He knows the game real well.”

What been his best bit of advice?: “Get out there, and improve yourself a little everyday.”

Funniest teammate: Joel Gonzales

Favorite subject: Science

College plans: Hopes to attend Air Force

Have you ever flown a plane?: “Twice. It was really cool. I flew from Eagle to Vail and back and then from Rifle to Vail and back. I liked seeing the whole valley in one view.”

Career plans: Aeronautical engineering

Sports you watch: Soccer, lacrosse and hockey

Favorite teams: Manchester United and the Avs

Favorite players: Peter Forsberg, Jose Sakic and David Beckham

Favorite TV show: American Choppers

Favorite movie star: Johnny Depp

Favorite video game: Splinter Cell

Favorite book: Robinson Crusoe

Hobbies: “Soccer, skiing, lacrosse and rugby.”

Powder day, where to you go?: Cornice in Blue Sky

Mac or PC: PC

Favorite food: Spaghetti with meatballs

Favorite pizza slice: Extra cheese

Favorite color: Red

First word: “I think it was “Hi.'”

If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?: Redwood

If you were ruler of the world for one day, what would you do?: “Make gas free.”

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