Huskies Homecoming spotlight: Todd Walker |

Huskies Homecoming spotlight: Todd Walker

Todd Walker is Battle Mountain High School's quarterback, and also runs track.

Battle Mountain’s Todd Walker is fast, no matter whether he’s playing quarterback, wide receiver, safety or running on the school’s 800-meter relay team come spring.

Splitting time with Jeremy Windham at quarterback, Walker has put a charge into the Huskies offense, slashing through defenses, and when he lines up out wide, Windham to Walker is a crowd pleaser. Check out the Huskies tonight at 7 when they take on Palisade, and for more on Walker, read on:

Date of birth: May 1, 1990

Born in: Vail

Parents: Pam and Mark Walker

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Sister: Stephanie Walker, 19

Stephanie vs. Todd: “She definitely owns me in soccer. I played soccer when I was younger, but I definitely got into football and lacrosse.”

What’s it like being a quarterback? “I love it. It’s the kind of position I got brought into more in the beginning of the year. It’s something for the team. I enjoy going both ways, being a receiver, a quarterback and a safety.”

Does playing defense help you at quarterback? “Yeah, especially being a safety because you can see the whole field.”

What do you feel like after a game? “Very sore. It’s hard, but you just work it out and get back at it next week. It’s tough to walk the next day.”

What’s the team camaraderie like? “This year, it’s our senior year, and I’ve been with my friends the whole time. We play as a team really well. I know we get losses, but I love my team. It’s always fun to be with them all the time.”

How do you keep going during a season? “Our coaches never get down on us. They’re always positive and trying to work for the next week. Coach (Jason) Sedlak works his tail off everyday. He barely gets sleep. It’s awesome to see that. We just feel like we have to put all the effort into it. We need to give back to him.”

What’s it like running? “Unbelievable, I guess you could say. I love football and I love the game. That feeling is just awesome when you break it or run in the open.”

What’s it like to play Palisade? “It’s going to be a challenge, for sure. Palisade’s a very good football team. I just think we do our best and see what happens Friday.”

What’s it like splitting time with Jeremy Windham? “I love it. In practice, we coach each other. He helps me with passing. I help him more with running. We have a great chemistry together. We’re just like best friends. It’s fun to share the position with him.”

What is Windham to Walker like? “After practice, we’ll just run routes together. We just have a connection to each other.”

What the hitting like? “It’s really big because I’m a smaller guy. When you see a running back or a receiver, and you go in and lay a hit, it’s a good feeling.”

Best moment in football: “Playing in a varsity game under the lights, going out every Friday, knowing that we have a game, home or away.”

Most embarrassing moment: “I lined up under Donnie (Cuomo) in a shotgun because he and Wes (Stephens) are centers. Donnie was at guard. I said, ‘Set’ and Wes snapped it back.”

What is coach Jason Sedlak like? “I love the guy. He’s an awesome coach. He knows how to coach the game. He puts all his time into it. He’s a great coach. He’s always positive with us. Every week, he helps us get better.”

Funniest teammate: Kyle Woolley

Favorite subjects: English and history

College plans: “It would be cool to follow my sister at Miami of Ohio.”

Career plans: Business

Other sports: Hockey, track and lacrosse

How’s the 800-meter team looking? “It’s fast. It’s awesome. We’re very well-coached. I look forward to the season. It’s our senior year. We leave it all out there. It’s going to be fun to run against those teams.”

Hockey? “It should be a very big year. We’ve had informal practices, and we look good.”

Sports you watch: Football, hockey and lacrosse

Favorite teams: Detroit Lions and Detroit Red Wings

Favorite athletes: Terrell Owens and Roy Williams

Favorite TV show: “Friday Night Lights”

Favorite movie: “Super Bad”

Favorite movie star: Dane Cook

Favorite video game: “Blitz 2000” and “Madden ’08”

Favorite book: “Erogon”

Mac or PC: PC

Favorite Web site: Google

What’s on your iPod? “Everything.”

Favorite food: Pizza ” pepperoni

Favorite color: Red

First word: Mom

If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be? Pine

If you were ruler of the world for one day, what would you do? “Everything.”

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