Huskies soccer wins on Senior Day |

Huskies soccer wins on Senior Day

Special to the Daily/Kirk VanHeeBattle Mountain's Kayla Telles (15) goes up for a header Tuesday at Freedom Park in Edwards against Moffat County. The Huskies won easily, 10-0, to raise their record to 14-0. Battle Mountain finishes the regular season Thursday at Glenwood Springs.

EDWARDS ” Battle Mountain soccer finished its Senior Day with its eight graduates-to-be on the field, playing out of the storied 4-1-2 formation.

With a 10-0 lead against hapless Moffat County, a coach can do that. It also doesn’t hurt when Emily LyBarger is your one midfielder.

The situation will be much different Thursday in Glenwood Springs when the Huskies go for the first 15-0 season in school history.

“We finished with just the seniors,” said Huskies coach David Cope, whose team pounded the Bulldogs, 10-0. “I think it’s hard to simulate what we’re going to see in Glenwood. It was a day to enjoy everyone’s company, to enjoy how much we’ve accomplished together. It was much more of a celebration of sorts.”

For the statistically inclined, Marisa Ammaturo had a hat trick, while Kelsey Plath, LyBarger, Lizzie Seibert, Jenny Banner, Kelly VanHee, Stephanie Woodruff and Rachel Gordon also scored.

But as Tuesday was a day for the seniors, we spotlight each one with a a thought or two from Cope.

– Maddie Trtanj (goalie): “You’ve got to remember she gets shot at by Lizzie, Marisa and Emily in practice every day. She’s kept a positive spirit all year and is excited to contribute and play. The day will come when she makes a big save for us that will determine the outcome of a game.”

– Jamie Lee Roberts (fullback): “She’s obviously an athlete, just an amazing kid. We put the team through what I think is a tough practice, and I’m home on my porch and I see Jamie Lee and McKenzie (Stevens) running by doing their track workout. She’s an unsung defender.”

– Stevens (fullback): “She has no fear of contact. She brings that hockey mentality to the ice, (pause for laughter), I mean the field. She’s a multi-sport athlete which is important for this school, and she’s been a fixture in the back for a few years now.”

– Allison Edwards (fullback): “The highlight of her season was that she played almost the whole game against Steamboat in our first game (this year). I know she wanted to play more, but she showed that she can contribute in the reserve role and be called on to play in important situations.”

– VanHee (fullback): “Great player. How many teams have a right back who goes forward and attacks like she does? She’s so versatile tactically. She also just hates to lose. She goes down to the ground. She’ll slide-tackle. The kid does not want to lose.”

– LyBarger (midfield): “The class of our league. She is head and shoulders above anyone we play. She’s a coach on the field, organizing players and continually encouraging them. You’re lucky in your career to coach a kid like that.”

– Gordon (forward): “She played for us early (in her career). Snowboarding’s her real love. But we were playing against each other in 8-on-8 (rec league play) and I was just like, ‘You have to play your senior year for the high school.’ It’s been a fun way for her to finish her high school career.”

– Banner (forward): “It’s nice to coach another Banner. She’s been such a positive contributor to the group and to the atmosphere. She’s a good forward. She’s scored key goals. As she modestly put it in her Senior Day introduction, she said that her proudest accomplishment was ‘Won some ski races and made some friends.'”

The aforementioned ski races were state championships in the giant slalom and slalom.

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