Huskies spikers sweep Rifle but lament errors |

Huskies spikers sweep Rifle but lament errors

Shauna Farnell
BM Volleyball SM 10-2 Shane Macomber/ Jenna Tjossem of Battle Mountain sends a powerful spike over to the Rifle side of the court Saturday in Eagle Vail.

EAGLE-VAIL – Even when a team wins, what stands out the most in the minds of the coach and players is how the game was played.And although the Battle Mountain volleyball team swept Rifle Saturday, 25-15, 29-27, and, 26-24, the Huskies weren’t thrilled with the game.”It was an easy win, I was never stressing,” said coach Brian Doyon. “But, I would have rather gotten a little bit more done with the girls, at least with experimentation with stuff.”

The errors count was what took a lot of wind out of the victory sails. Throughout the three-game match, the Huskies had 14 unforced passing errors, 13 serving errors (about triple of a typical match) and 23 attacking errors. “Add that up, and how many points does that give you?” Doyon said. “Those are probably the reason for all of Rifle’s points. It wasn’t productive. Playing down to your competition, I guess, was part of it. With Homecoming and everything, I also just think it was a bit too much distraction for the kids. They got a little too wrapped up in it.”The Huskies took the court Saturday clad in black top hats and sparkly gold shorts.Despite the festive atmosphere and the win, Crystin Rodrick, who had seven attacks and three kills in the game, also wasn’t too happy with her team’s performance.

“We didn’t play all that great,” she said. “Our serves were a major part of it; we missed so many. There were a lot of blocks. Each game ended on a roofia. It’s still good that we came out with a win. It would have been better if it was a little different in scoring.”When Battle Mountain played Rifle last year, they came back after losing the first two games to win the last three. Still, the team regards Rifle as a team they should soundly trample. The second game which ended in a rally of errors painted the clearest picture of the Huskies’ performance folly.”We gave them the game, practically,” Rodrick said. “We missed so many serves that it could have meant the game. We finally realized we need to start winning and playing hard.””We made an error, they made an error; it was just up to who wouldn’t make two in a row,” Doyon said. “It took us longer to get that one done.”

The Huskies were down for the first half of Game 3, again mostly due to errors. The team had four passing errors and nine unforced attack errors in that game. Despite the mistakes, however, the team acknowledged that a win is a win.”I’m disappointed more in the way we got the win,” Doyon said. “I’m more disappointed that we didn’t get to experiment with putting people in different places and trying new things. But when it comes down to it, the girls did a good job to get the win. They played hard when they needed to play hard.”The Huskies take on Basalt at home at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday.

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