Huskies XC impressive at Columbine on Friday |

Huskies XC impressive at Columbine on Friday

Dave Sanders Invite


34. Alexis Aguire, 17:30

43. Cameron Moore, 17:44

63. Ethan Pence, 17:59

69. Ricky Arreola, 18:02

82. Josh Braun, 18:22

97. Ty Willoughby, 18:37

98. Jake Borrel, 18:38


32. Hannah Gaylord, 20:47

41. Rychelle Denardo, 21:17

58. Anabel Johnson, 21:33

72. Megan Rossman, 21:52

77. Kaela Fahrney, 22:00

81. Melissa Delgado, 22:05

94. Ize Calabrese, 22:25

LITTLETON — Battle Mountain cross-country is really a 4A program. Honest.

On Friday, the Huskies mixed it up, however, with 26 5A squads and 4A Palmer Ridge at the Dave Sanders Invitational at Columbine High School. The Battle Mountain girls were seventh, while the boys were 12th.

Not too bad.

Two things are important to note with this race:

First off, the Huskies were probably not at peak form for the race. This is the time of year that coach Rob Parish usually really works his team in practice.

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“I think we’ve gone really hard the last two weeks,” he said. “I think we sacrificed a little with this race for the end of the season. We had some good results, but were a little off of where we should be.”

That’s to be expected. Fast in September is good. Fast at Delta for regionals in October, as well as the state meet week after that, is even better.

One Fast Race

This was also one fast race. Cameron Moore and Ethan Pence finished 15 seconds apart and were separated by 20 places. And it was 88 degrees at race time, unseasonably warm for running.

Parish often says that he likes how the boys team doesn’t care about the pecking order, or the way the individual runners finish as a team. But it makes for good grist for the mill. Alexis Aguirre overtook Cameron Moore on Friday, while Pence and Ricky Arreola placed higher within the team than they had ever done in a varsity race.

For the ladies, Rohanabel, Hannah Gaylord, Rychelle Denardo and Anabel Johnson, reasserted themselves at the top of the leaderboard within the Huskies team.

Battle Mountain has the Dakota Ridge Invite on Wednesday and then heads to Aspen for the Severy Invite on Saturday.

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