In the spotlight – Aubrie Apple |

In the spotlight – Aubrie Apple

Daily file photoAubrie AppleVail Mountain volleyball

Who’s going to wear No. 4 next year for Vail Mountain volleyball? Ashley Apple wore it for four years. Then came sister, Aubrie Apple, who’s worn it for the last four years. Aubrie has more than filled her sister’s shoes – and jersey. As a middle blocker, she simply scatters opponents with her thundering spikes. You don’t want to be on the receiving end of one of those. For more on Aubrie, read on:Date of birth: Nov. 8, 1987Born in: VailParents: Tom and Suzie AppleSister: Ashley, 21Do you like the Tom Apple combo at Fiesta’s?: “I’m a big eater, so it’s definitely high on my list.”What’s it like to follow Ashley on the volleyball team?: “It’s been wonderful. I look up to her so much in so many different areas. As a volleyball player, she was such an inspiration. Those girls (in 2001 who went to state) were amazing, but she really held them together mentally. She was always so optimistic and funny.”Position: Middle blockerHow excited are you for Homecoming?: “I’m so excited. Senior year, Homecoming is supposed to be the best and we have a bunch of plans and some senior activities.”

Can you give us a hint about those plans?: “It’s top secret. I’d have to kill you.”What’s it like to be a senior at VMS?: “It’s so insane. When I was little, the seniors looked to be so old and I don’t picture myself as as a senior now. I’m older! You’re a role model for all the little ones. You see them in the hall and you play with them. It’s really fun.”What’s fun about volleyball?: “Everything. I’m very competitive. I love the competition, first of all. And, the sport is just so much fun and fast paced and the girls are incredible. We have so much fun.”What is this team like?: “I don’t know if you want to know. (Bus rides) are insanity – dancing, music blaring, up and down the aisles. It’s a good time. We are so tight.”What’s been your best moment in volleyball?: “I think this year so far and the expectation and the anticipation that we’ve had. I’ve been with (the seniors) so long. We just feel as though our day has come. It’s so fun to wrap it up with them.”What’s it going to take to get to state?: “We are just working super, super hard this year, especially on mental toughness. Our mental game has really held us back in the past. This year, combined with the desire and the hard work and now the mental work, we are much stronger.”Most embarrassing moment: “Probably just a really clumsy stupid move of mine. I went up to block and then completely ate it as I was coming down and fell on about five other girls.”What is Mike Garvey like as a coach?: “He’s wonderful. He’s kind of hard to take as an adult sometimes. But he’s so close to us. He’s so much fun. He’s very understanding, but at the same time, he’ll hold us to a very high standard, while at the same time joking with us and just having fun with us on our level. He makes it a really good atmosphere.”Funniest teammate: Della ElichFavorite subject: English

College plans: First choice is TexasCareer plans: BusinessSports you watch: Hockey, basketball and footballFavorite teams: Detroit Red Wings, Denver Broncos, Dallas Cowboys and the Detroit PistonsFavorite athletes: Ben Wallace and Richard HamiltonFavorite TV show: SportsCenterFavorite movies: The Godfather and ScarfaceFavorite movie star: Al PacinoFavorite book: The Picture of Dorian GreyFavorite music: Eighties

Hobbies: “I like just playing football with friends. I play a lot of golf, not seriously. I just have summer on my mind, so tubing is always a blast.”Mac or PC: PCFavorite Web site: – comedy siteFavorite foods: Hot wings and sushiFavorite pizza slice: Pineapple and pepperoniFirst word: OliveIf you were tree, what kind of tree would you be?: PalmIf you were ruler of the world for one day, what would you do?: “I’d help everybody.”Sports editor Chris Freud can be reached at 949-0555 or via, Colorado

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