It’s Miller time |

It’s Miller time

Daily Staff Report

Thursday, Feb. 6, 2003

Today is our last day in St. Moritz. It also happened to be the day for the men’s combined. Bode Miller had problems with the downhill segment of the race and started the slalom three seconds behind.

But he came back in his typical fashion to take the gold – surprising everyone including himself. It was a great moment for not only the Americans in the crowd, but for the Swiss as well. They have come to really like Bode and there are always crowds of young Europeans waiting for him after the race. Even Franz Klammer’s 14-year-old daughter is a huge fan of Bode.

The weather throughout our stay has been cold and overcast. High winds, bad light and freezing temperatures are the norm. We’re thankful that a good part of our purpose here keeps us in meetings indoors!

Today between races we were able to discuss our Worlds concept with several FIS council members who were very receptive to it. The meeting will take place tomorrow while we are homeward bound. We are certain that the date change for next year’s race will be accepted by the council.

While we are leaving the Championships, the majority of guests are just arriving. We arranged our travel dates to maximize meeting opportunities, but it does mean we’ll miss the downhills. Franz Klammer arrived today and will be joining us at the American Ski Classic in March.

In fact, much of the “talent” for the various international broadcasters will be joining us including Todd Brooker of Canada, Armin Assinger of Austria and Bernhard Russi of Switerland. An outing to the International Broadcast Center always takes us awhile as we take the opportunity to make arrangements with them all!

This evening we’ll of course be joining the U.S. Ski Team at the U.S.A. house to celebrate Bode’s gold. Then we’re off to a dinner meeting at Casa Italia with our international sponsorship agency.

The St. Moritz organizers have done a great job with the overall organization of these Championships and the community-at-large has been very welcoming. As we leave the Media Center for the last time, we can hear the crowd in the stadium chanting the new, hot saying … IT’S MILLER TIME!

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