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Jack Mitrani provides live webcast from Burton US Open

Competitive snowboarders turned commentators, Jack Mitrani, left, and Tom Monterosso will be live calling the action today at burton.com/uso.
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“I just want to give a shout out to social media out there, whether it’s my social media or Burton social media,” Jack Mitrani said.

Follow Jack on Instagram at JackMitrani and follow his Facebook fan page at facebook.com/jackmitrani.

VAIL — The 34th annual Burton U.S. Open Snowboarding Championships is bringing high-flying action to the slopes of Vail this week.

Meanwhile, Jack Mitrani is bringing the world’s best snowboarders to your living room with his lively social webcast, available at BurtonUSOpen.com.

The comprehensive programming at the Burton U.S. Open this year features four full days of live webcasts from Mitrani, including coverage of both the slopestyle and halfpipe competitions.

Mitrani is on the forefront of live coverage of action sports with his webcast, attracting viewers from across the world that he interacts with live on camera.

“I think that’s the way of the future. We’re the most connected generation in history, so the webcast is a perfect platform for us to engage with people that are watching. It makes it more fun.”Jack Mitrani

“I think that’s the way of the future,” Mitrani said. “We’re the most connected generation in history, so the webcast is a perfect platform for us to engage with people that are watching. It makes it more fun.”

Viewers can get in-depth information from the experienced snowboarder himself, as well as ask questions such as, “What trick was that?” and “Why do they call him the ‘The Flying Tomato’?”

The production also includes up-close video footage of the competitions.

Goetz Werner, of London-based production company IMG, is in Vail with a team of about 10 from his company providing some of the video coverage. He said the entire production takes about 30 to 40 people, from editors to directors to those providing the live feed.

“It’s all one big production,” Werner said.

“It’s amazing to see just how far the whole technology and camera work has come just in the last couple of years at the Open,” Mitrani said. “For the whole webcast, it really creates an experience for people at home that aren’t here to make them feel like they’re here.”

Mitrani grew up riding at Stratton Mountain in Vermont. He announces alongside other talents at events across the country, but he has a special connection with the Burton U.S. Open because it’s one of the first contests he ever did.

“It kind of made me who I am today, so to speak,” he said. “It showed me the world of professional snowboarding, so I’ve kind of grown up with the event and watched it grow from an event at Stratton Mountain to this colossal event in Vail.”


Interacting with viewers and social media is a “very fun and authentic way to get behind the scenes,” Mitrani said.

“I’m kind of changing the same way the world is: very fast paced,” he said. “Everything changes on a daily basis, but it’s safe to say that I’m really excited to be in this position,” he said.

Mitrani has taken over the Burton Snapchat account, adding another dimension of insider access to the Burton U.S. Open.

With so much going on, Mitrani himself is stoked to be back in Vail.

“I’m excited for everything equally,” he said of the snowboarding, music and events going on throughout the week. “The thing about Vail, it’s 5,200 ridable acres. It’s just a place where you never get bored. There’s always something to do.

“Vail is just a perfect host for a competition. Not only the mountain, but the town of Vail.”

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