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Jamie Farquhar, 2003 Homecoming king

Vail Mountain athletic director Jamie Farquhar thought he was having such a good week.

It started with his beloved Vikings beating the Packers, 30-25.

“Are you kidding me? The Vikings in Lambeau, the start of the season,” he said. “A beautiful way to start off the year. Beautiful way. They might go to the Super Bowl this year.”

And, for that preposterous remark – and many other reasons, which will follow – congratulations or condolences, Jamie, you’re our 2003 Homecoming king.

Yes, it’s Homecoming in East Vail. The soccer team takes on St. Mary’s at 11:30 a.m. at The Bob, which is what I’m calling the new field until further notice, followed by volleyball vs. Crested Butte at 2:30 p.m.-ish, with a barbeque in between.

While this is supposedly a preview of these great sporting events, let’s get down to business – Jamie Farquhar, Homecoming king.

Meet the king

Farquhar, devoted husband, likely even-more-devoted Vikings fan and VMS AD, comes to us from The Great White North.

“I suppose the Canadian thing’s been beaten to death,” said VMS goalie coach Dan Verbeten.

There is no such thing as beating something into the ground until it is dead and buried, people.

“That goofy set of horns he has on his head, coming from Canada, he’s probably always thought that was a crown,” VMS soccer coach Bob Bandoni said. “So, the title of king, perhaps, is fitting. He actually came and said that he played soccer in Canada. And our response was “Do they play soccer in Canada?'”

Rim shot. (Do they have rim shots in Canada? Sorry.)

“I hear a lot about Canada and what a great place it is but, I continually notice that he’s not there,” VMS volleyball coach and office mate Mike Garvey said. “So, I’m a little confused on that.”


“I think some of the students here call him the Canadian Crippler,” VMS soccer coach Mike Morris said. “Just because they imagine he’s strong enough to cripple them, should they engage in a wrestling match.”

This fact, of course, should make us pause as to why we are making fun of this guy. But, why not?

Farquhar, who has predicted a 30-12 Vikings’ win over the Bears this Sunday, is also a “van connoisseur,” according Garvey. Apparently, Farquhar just can’t get enough of the school’s fleet of vans, which transport the Gore Rangers all over the state.

“One of the great contributions he’s made to the school is his passionate care for the school vans and, now, in addition to the school’s fleet, is the mini-bus, the short bus,” Bandoni said. “We call him the Canadian mechanic. We’re pleased that not only does he help organize athletics, but that he’s brought his mechanical skills.”

“I’ve seen him here until midnight, filling up the vans with windshield-wiper fluid, just making sure everything’s ready,” Garvey said.

And, how does he dress, guys?

“He’s trying, but we’re just assuming that there aren’t any Brooks Brothers stores in Canada,” Bandoni zinged.

Oh, yes, the Homecoming games

n Enough with Jamie.

Saturday begins with a ribbon cutting to open officially The Bob at 11:15 a.m. Doubtless, there will be a few speeches, including one from Bandoni, which means game time could be moved back 1:30 p.m. (That one was for Jamie, Bob.)

n At 11:30 a.m., VMS and St, Mary’s kick off in nonconference play. It’s a rematch from Aug. 30, when the Wildcats hosted and beat VMS, 3-1.

“St. Mary’s will be an important measure for us,” Bandoni said. “I thought when we were playing St. Mary’s, we were the better team. But, still, to walk away from that field, being able to score only one goal, with all the opportunities we had, was disappointing.”

n Or more succinctly-put from Sylvan Ellefson: “If we win, it’ll be awesome. The last time we played them, we fell apart. So, we need to step it up this time.”

n The action shifts to the Peter Abuisi Center, aka the gym, when VMS hosts Crested Butte. The Gore Rangers are 2-0 in the 1A Mountain League and a win over the Titans could get VMS rolling in the league race.

“They had a decent squad last year. They were very young. I know that they’re poised and ready for this year,” Garvey said. “It will be a good situation. We’ll be playing back-to-back. (VMS hosts Fellowship Christian tonight at 6.) It’s a weekend and we can relax. So, fatigue shouldn’t be a factor.”

n And, all an all, it should be a good day.

“While our alumni are very much spread all over the world quite literally, more and more are coming to the valley. So we’re happy to have an event where they can come,” Bandoni said. “But, just as important, we have 5 year olds all the way through seniors and their parents all gathering in one location. It’s really a special feeling. It’s very much an extension of the philosophy of the school.”

News and notes

n Some people don’t learn. Bandoni has a bet with Farquhar that the Boston Red Sox will win the AL East outright.

“There is no question in my mind, and you can put this in print,” Bob the BoSox fan said. “Anybody else who wants to take on that bet, it’s fine. But, the Red Sox are going to win the division outright and I’m not interested in the wild card. We are going to win the division and the only reason I want to win the division because there’s one team I’m not interested in winning the division.” (For those who haven’t played the home game, that team would be the New York Yankees.)

n I have three reactions here. One, Bob, last year, the two wild cards made the Series – don’t you dare mention the result, anybody. Two, don’t frown on the wild card because that’s the only way Boston’s making the postseason. Three, I’ll take that action because the Yankees are winning the division.

n The best line during the game vs. Roaring Fork as several Rams took to flopping in the second half came from Patrick Scanlan: “What is this, acting camp?”

n My influence apparently has turned up in the VMS soccer locker room. There is a poster of the composer, Franz Schubert, with a piece of tape of above, which says, “Freud.” Quite fitting. We’re both Austrian, have funky hair and wear wire-rimmed glasses. It should be noted that I am also can be “Great” and this piece is “Unfinished.”

n Spotlight fallout – It’s been a bunch of fun doing spotlight features on VMS athletes and there have been some funny twists to the questions. Take Mike Morris’ birthday – July 30, 1966 – about which he said, “Unfortunately, that was the day, Germany, my beloved team, lost to England in the World Cup final.”

n Well, we have a local connection to that game. Battle Mountain soccer coach David Cope’s parents Hazel and Alan were at that game. Apparently Alan’s boss was a big Italy fan and when the Italians were stunned by North Korea, Alan’s boss was so distraught, he gave the tickets to the final to Cope’s parents. David was 6 months old or so at the time.

“It was the first time I was left home with the a babysitter,” Cope said. “I might have been left out in the car for all I know.”

n So, Chris Freud, if you were ruler of the world for one day, what would you do? Eliminate the designated hitter and interleague play, have the Giants win the Series over the wild-card Red Sox in 5 – we want to clinch at home – and have two VMS Homecoming victories Saturday. And, of course, have the Niners beat Jamie Farquhar’s Vikings on Sept. 28.

Chris Freud is the sports editor for the Vail Daily. Contact him at (970) 949-0555, ext. 614 or by e-mail at cfreud@vaildaily.com.

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