Kickball for adults returns |

Kickball for adults returns

Ryan Slabaugh

For the third year, the Avon Recreation Center is helping us all remember with its adult co-ed kickball league. Registration for teams ends Thursday.

“The crazy part about it is there are some die-hards who practice,” said veteran Joshia Gowan, whose squad finished second last year to Team Pazzo’s. “We like to get our drink on and we still do really well.”

The rules are simple and state, under provision 8.01, that there are no bouncies. None. Any pitch over a foot high at the plate is a ball, a bouncie, and is outright illegal. The game is regulated by the World Adult Kickball Association, which like everything, has a Web site. It regulates field length, players on the field and head shots. If you get hit in the head, you’re not out. You get, in fact, an extra base.

“It’s a lot of fun,” adult programs coordinator Mike Mullins said. “Everybody out there is trying to have more fun than the rest. It’s more laughing than anything else.”

Teams must consist of at least 11 players and come up with $200 by Thursday. The league runs from July 18 to Aug. 29.

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For more information about the league, call (970) 748-4060. For more information about adult kickball, log onto

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