King of the Hill Tournament continues at Eagle’s Back Bowl |

King of the Hill Tournament continues at Eagle’s Back Bowl

AnDee Heath
Vail, CO Colorado

Last week, the Back Bowl was busy and popping with excitement and fun. The last qualifying round of the “King of the Hill Tournament” was on.

Knuckles were being cracked and hands shaken as good-luck wishes when the lights came on for practice.

Entrants were Jim Parmenter, Thursday night spring league; Ked Coleman, Wednesday night men’s league; Danny Nelson, aka Batman, thursday night spring league; Steve Coleman, Wednesday night men’s league; Ken Coleman, Wednesday night men’s league; John Eaton, Thursday night winter league and Curtis Heath, Thursday night spring league.

There were nine games before eliminations. John Eaton and Curtis Heath each bowled a 300 game, but Curtis put one more perfect game on his scorecard.

Jim Parmenter, recently healed well enough to bowl with his right hand (after breaking it bowling in the state tournament) held his own. He said, “I can’t hang with these guys” and I proudly related “You just did, Jim,” who finished with a 1,694 and seventh place.

Ked Coleman said, “I just had an off day” and smiled that gorgeous smile, after finishing with an 1,890 and sixth place.

The fifth seed was Batman, who said if he made the finals, “I’ll just cry,” not out of happiness but an aching ankle, and having celebrated his birthday (a bit too much) the night before with close friends at the Back Bowl.

Batman bowled against Steve Coleman, who was fourth seed and running hot with strikes. Batman gave him a decent run for his money finishing with a 210, but Steve succeeded with a 227.

Steve’s next opponent was his brother Ken and Ken was fired up for the win. The brothers bowled competitively, Steve bowled a beautiful 225, but Ken pulled out a 232 for the win and Steve gave him a hug and a look, followed with a laugh. Good sportsmanship, the name of the game, even for brothers.

John Eaton, anxiously warming up close by, kept an eye on the games and bowlers. He knew he was going to have to play tight, with either brother being the victor. It came down to the 10th frame and John got two strikes and an eight count, finishing with a 198. Ken got an ugly split, almost impossible to spare and ended his hopes, finishing with a 190.

The top seed in the tournament was Curtis Heath. He and John Eaton had been here before, the top seeds, opposing one another. Being great friends, they shared a laugh, shook hands and got serious. John bowled six strikes in a row, while Curtis started with three spares. John was unstoppable until he opened in the seventh frame, giving Curtis some hope. He was on a roll striking in the fourth thourgh eigth frames and sparing the ninth.

After John’s double in the eigth and ninth frames, Curtis knew the game was over and let his ball go free in the 10th, finishing with a 210. Had it not been for that open in the seventh frame, John would’ve bowled a perfect game but rolled an awesome 265 for the win. They quickly gave each other high fives and Curt told John, “Way to go, man! Nice game. Congratulations,” to a still speechless victor.

Each winner of these tournaments received a free entry into the finals – Aug. 15. The winners are Ked Coleman, Ken Coleman, Mark Lovell and John Eaton. The finals are sure to prove excitement, camaraderie and tension, as well as some high scoring games. Come out and see for yourself and cheer on your favorite. Competition begins at high noon. Hope to see ya there! Hey Big John, Congratulations again!

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