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Leave my jacket out of this

Rob Bak
Daily File Photo Rob Bak

VAIL -Not too many people know about this yet, so it’s kind of a surprise. All of my friends are going to be like, “Dude, what the hell are you doing?”It’s going to sweet, though. Everybody’s going to see things the way I see it. I feel a little pressure, but I think through the power of Zen I’ll be all right. The main thing that prepared me for this journal would be getting cut from the freshman basketball team in high school because nothing could be more disappointing than that. I mean, after that, my dreams were shattered. Now, with this, I can help people understand why snowboarding is so fun.

What did I do today?I got up, came into town and had my breakfast at Blizzard’s Deli, which involved eggs and cheese. From that point on, people started calling and we went down and registered for the event and started thinking about riding some snow. As it turned out, we rode the park all day, kind of getting everybody back into jumping and sliding some rails and some logs and just having some fun. It was cool to see people coming in for the contest this weekend because there are some guys I haven’t seen in a while. We’ll take, for instance, my friend Jeff Blair who tried to steal my coat from me while I was trying to use the bathroom facilities at Golden Peak. I sat there and just said, “Leave my jacket out of this.” Anyway, I met up with him, and we took some runs. Some of the guys from CAPITA (one of my sponsors) came in like TJ Schneider and Scott Shaw, both from Canada, and they were really stoked on the snow we got.It was fun riding a pow park. Then I met up with some other people – I don’t know, just the random heroes that show up for these kinds of events. I met up with Stephen Laterra, who runs the Vail snowboard park. He’s been hard at work at making the park and getting things together. He’s not really so much working on The Session park, but they’re getting everything dialed in for the main Vail park.

After that, the day went on with trying to figure out what to do at the CAPITA party tonight that we’re throwing at Art’s Bar. Because of bad communication, the box full of stuff that we were going to give away is coming to me tomorrow. It will be at my house tomorrow. It was supposed to be there today but UPS messed that up. Second-day air just turned into three-day air. I guess the air is a little too thin up here and planes can’t fly as fast. I think we might just do giveaways that everybody can get on Friday. We’re just going to kind of wing it there. It might be the party that sets the standard for our party Friday night. The CAPITA beer bong will definitely be there. The whole party is just based on the CAPITA beer bong. Some of the guys are kind of worried about partying too much before the competition, but tomorrow is just a practice day and a photo shoot, so I’d say tonight is a good night to go out. The same with Saturday night. It’s just going to get crazy for the rest of the week. It’s totally going to be better than the Freesking Open next week. It’s going to be wicked awesome. Tonight’s party was kind of my idea since I work at Art’s. I’ve worked there since the dawn of its creation, which is only a month ago. You just take the B,O,G off Bogarts and you get Art’s. Actually, Art is a big, strong Italian man from Kentucky with reddish-blonde hair who I hardly see. He’s very elusive. Tonight’s party is more or less a party for the locals. Throughout the weekend, there’s going to be all the VIP parties where you’ve got to have your credentials to get in. This one tonight is just for the loc dogs – people that just want to hang out. Some of the riders are gonna be here. A lot of people know about it.

That’s about it in a nutshell for today. People are getting in town, getting stoked, eating some food. There’s a lot of steez (style). As far as steez and chees (money), you’re going to see a lot of steez. We’re going to count how much stuff is hanging from people’s garments – how many bandanas, or little pieces of string, or maybe Christmas lights, I don’t know. As far as the best so far, we saw Vail’s best dressed last week and he looked like a cheetah. Rob Bak rides for CAPITA, Oakley, Team Vail, DC Shoes, Emagesnow.com and Colorado Chiropractic Sports Medicine. Vail Colorado

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