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Let’s make a deal to race

Jaques Lazier
Jaques Lazier

We (team members) were at an autograph session Thursday, and (one of my sponsors) said, “Hey, you ready to go out and qualify this weekend?” We said, “Well, you know, we’re not. We’re just a little bit short on the funds to make it


We talked for about five minutes, and it was a pretty good deal. We walked out of there about 20 minutes later with a done deal and came back to the track and signed the deal with Honda.

You have to put everything into perspective, obviously. We’re putting this thing together at the last second. We do have an uphill battle in front of us. There are five or six cars that we’re going to compete against that have been out there since Tuesday. But we’ve been developing this car for the last two years, and I’m pretty comfortable with it. I think we know what it likes and doesn’t like.

But at the same time, our budget is about a third of what some of the bigger teams’ budgets are. Mr. Penske’s wind tunnel for his mirror development was about twice what our entire budget for the month of May was last year. With that in mind, you do have to be cognizant of what our goals are.

I think a realistic time for us for qualifying will be a high 222 to a low 223, and I think we can do that. If that is the case, that should put us solidly in the top 22, and that’s what we’re shooting for.

I was very excited last night, but you have to pull the reins in. You have to look at the big picture, and obviously we want to qualify Sunday. We’d love to qualify Saturday if everything goes well, but we are playing catch-up. If I walk around excited, I’m going to miss the big picture, so I have to stay focused on what I have to do. It’s big-time business out there, and I have to be at 100 percent all the time.

I’ll be excited again Sunday night when everything is done.

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