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Letter: It’s Sweden, not Switzerland

Loved the article in Thursday’s edition of the Vail Daily on Sarah Schleper. Go Sarah! We hate to be the perfectionist correctionist, but the current FIS Alpine World Ski Championships are in Åre, Sweden, which is a different country than Switzerland. The article and accompanying photos have Are, Switzerland, as to where Sarah is competing.

Sweden and Switzerland do have some similarities — both start with “SW,” both are in Europe and the two countries played against each other this summer in the round of 16 at the FIFA World Cup. Besides that, well …

  • Sweden has ABBA, Switzerland has yodeling
  • Sweden has meatballs, Switzerland has fondue
  • Sweden has Bjorn Borg, Switzerland has Roger Federer
  • Sweden is 450,000 square miles, Switzerland is 41,000 square miles
  • Sweden has a long coastline along the Baltic, while Switzerland is land-locked

Our family loved reading about Sarah and wishing her the best. We just thought that it was funny how our beloved Vail Daily messed up the location of the country of where the current championships are and that would be Åre, Sweden.

Chris and Tessa Manning


Editor’s note: The Vail Daily regrets the errors and has corrected the mistakes online.

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