Life after the NBA: Tebow, the BCS and the hot stove |

Life after the NBA: Tebow, the BCS and the hot stove

Happy opening night to the NBA … oops.

Yeah, OK, I grew up with the Golden State Warriors, so I’m not a huge basketball fan and you wouldn’t be either. Here’s some advice to both players and owners – life will go on for most sports fans. Pro and college football are going great guns. College basketball and high school will soon start. (I love the latter and look out for the Eagle Valley boys this winter.) For those of us in the cult of hockey, the NHL is rolling.

As sports-crazy as this nation is people will find ways of filling their days.

• One note: Miami Heat owner Micky Arison got fined a record $500,000 for tweeting his opinion on the NBA lockout. Did we ever think we’d live to see the day that Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban didn’t hold that title? According to the International Business Times, he has a career accumulation of $1.7 million in payments to the NBA, but his $250,000 bill in 2006 was his maximum, This, by the way, is another reason sports fans shouldn’t be too distraught about the NBA.

• Speaking of distraught, chill, Broncos fans and Tebow-maniacs. Sunday was Tebow’s fifth NFL start and the team is terrible. One cannot make an objective analysis of whether Tebow is an NFL quarterback based on the sample size and the dearth of talent around him.

The NFL lockout killed any chances of him getting up to speed this year, and Broncos fans essentially demanded this situation by calling for Kyle Orton’s head on a platter. You asked for it, and you got it.

• So, we’re at the rough-halfway point for the NFL, what do we know? Not much, honestly, except for the Green Bay Packers are good.

In the AFC, the Bills, Bengals and Texas are unprovens. The Patriots’ defense is worrisome. With the Ravens and Jets, you don’t know who’s going to show up on game day. And no one seems inclined to take a grasp of the lead in the AFC West. Monday night’s Chargers-Chiefs game was ample evidence of that.

In the NFC, Niners at 6-1? Even your San Francisco sports editor is dubious, though they will make the playoffs because San Francisco still has five division games left on the slate. The Lions and Buccaneers fall under the same category. Can you trust the Saints after demolishing the Colts, 62-7, and then losing to the Rams? The Giants lead the NFC East, but the most talented team there is 3-4 (Eagles). Cowboys? Bears?

Wait for the weather to turn and see which teams can run the ball and stop the other team from doing so.

• OK, it’s “The Game of the Century” as LSU meets Alabama Saturday. Quick question for fans of the SEC – which century? Sorry, too easy. On thing, though, the loser of this game should be out of national-title contention, regardless of what the BCS says.

• How is Oklahoma State ahead of Stanford in the BCS rankings? Both teams played nobody in nonconference play, and there is no way the Big (misnumbered) 12 is better than the Pac-12.

• I’m rooting for Boise State and Houston in the BCS National Championship Game. If college football is all about making every game in the regular season count, then you have to let the unbeatens play. Everyone will say that the Broncos or Cougars don’t play as strong of schedule as an SEC team. I’d believe that if SEC, Big 10, Pac-12 teams, etc. actually would schedule Boise State and other BCS-busters instead of Kent State, North Texas, Georgia State, Northwestern State and Western Kentucky, all teams on Alabama’s and LSU’s schedules. (Yeah, the Tide and Tigers have played Penn State, Oregon and West Virginia, but those are the exceptions not the norm.)

• With baseball’s offseason upon us, do the right thing Albert Pujols and Prince Fielder, and stay. Pujols made $14.5 million, while Fielder got $15.5 mil this year. Take the $20 mil per year your teams will offer you and become legends for your franchises – Pujols with Musial in St. Louis and Fielder eclipsing Robin Yount and Paul Molitor in Milwaukee. How much money is enough, guys?

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