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Local teams host solstice soccer Saturday

It’s the Vail Summer Solstice Soccer Jamboree.

And both of the county’s adult soccer teams – the Gallegos women and the Pepi’s men – will be attending Saturday’s… deep breath … Vail Summer Solstice Soccer Jamboree at Eagle-Vail on Saturday.

“It doesn’t roll off my lips. Not yet. This is new turf for me being the women’s coach. Until I get one win under my belt, it’s definitely not yet the Bundesliga or the World Cup,” Gallegos coach David Marjoram said.

It may not be the Bundesliga or the World Cup yet, but the Vail Summer Solstice Soccer Jamboree serves as the season opener for Gallegos.

The women will be taking on Breckenridge at 10:45 a.m. and Steamboat at 5:45 p.m.

“I think what we’re looking for is to come out and play good, fundamental, smart soccer and try not to make mistakes,” Marjoram said. “That’s not always easy in the first and second game. People aren’t used to playing next to certain people until you have a couple games. All these girls have a great attitude.”

Marjoram likes the mix of that youth and veterans on the roster

“There are a lot of new faces and there are, I can’t say, old faces, or the girls will smack me around,” he joked. “How shall I say it? Seasoned, cagey veterans. It’s good mix. Some of these women have played in the program for Gallegos and, before that, Vail Valley Women’s Soccer Club.”

That crew includes Michelle Dickson, Christina Aiello, Lauren Meehan, Jen Corie, Courtney Boyd, Laura Silverstein, Steph Caretto, Linda Mossman, Missy Conway, Jessica Lohr, Julie Spinnato, Jessica Green, Kate-O Steffens, Emalyn Lay, Becca Covell, Beth Stone, Michelle Kustes, Kerry Wallace, Carrie Williams, Jana Brown, Amanda Grems, Hillary Smith, Kate Gallagher, Jen Davin, Sarah Hutchinson, Mikayla Curtis, Colleen Butler, Amy Rviere, Karen Spall, Kari Kuske, Kristin Meehan, Kyle Copeland, Mandye Barnard, Sarah Franke, Aimee Hatfield, Karoline Lamer, Maggie Kammerer and Lizzie Lokey.

After Saturday’s two tilts, Gallegos has a busy schedule. The team has joined the Western Slope Soccer League with Aspen and two teams from Glenwood. Steamboat and Breckenridge may also opt to join. Those games will be played on Thursday evenings. Gallegos will also be attending traditional staples like the Glenwood Tournament at CMC and the Colorado Springs Shootout.

Meanwhile, Pepi’s will kick off the Vail Summer Solstice Soccer Jamboree with a 9 a.m. match with Spanish Avon. Coach Ante Peros is missing some players due to assorted summer vacations so he’ll be juggling on the sidelines.

“We’ll be juggling people around to see who’s going to play what. I don’t even know until I show up Saturday,” Peros said. “Today’s Wednesday, there’s only seven of us here. I won’t know until Saturday. This is the last week of everybody being out.”

The team hopes to have the whole crew June 30 when Pepi’s hosts the Denver Kickers. In the meantime, World Cup fever is running high. The following predictions are for solely recreational use:

Peros: “Senegal over South Korea in the final. Germany over U.S. 3-1. Brazil 1-0 over England.

Daryl Goehring: “England’s got too strong of a defense and no one’s able to stop Michael Owen up front. England 2-1.”

Mike Morris: “I’m going with Germany. I hate to say it. If a Democrat was in the White House I might go with the U.S. I’m a Democrat and proud of it.

I would fight for the U.S. if there was a war, but when it comes to soccer, I root for Germany. Two-nil.”

Nacen Gray: “U.S.A 3-1 over Germany.”

Jeff Leonardo: “The World Cup is fixed and Italy got robbed.” (Ed.’s note: See you in Germany in 2006, Leo.)

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