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Locals excited to support Broncos at Super Bowl

Vail Valley resident Annette Ramer poses for a photo from Times Square in New York City, where Broadway has been redesignated as 'Super Bowl Boulvard' for Sunday's game.
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EAGLE COUNTY — For the past year, Edwards residents Annette Ramer and her husband Joe Furer have had their calendar blocked out for this weekend.

“In October, my nephew called me up and said, ‘Annette, I want to come out and watch the Super Bowl with you guys like we did last year.’ I said, ‘John, I’m telling you right now, if the Broncos go to the Super Bowl we are going to the Super Bowl, no ifs, ands or buts. We will be there,” Ramer said.

Ramer and Furer left for New York on Thursday.

“Last year, with the season ending in that playoff verses the Ravens the way it did, it was so disheartening,” Ramer said. “It wasn’t until that first playoff game when, in my heart of hearts, I thought if we can beat San Diego, we can beat New England.”

Ramer made hotel reservations and booked plane tickets to New York immediately after the Broncos beat the Patriots to clinch the AFC title.

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“Without having Super Bowl tickets we made our reservations because we knew we wanted to go,” she said. “It was four or five days before we got the tickets.”


For Ramer, the trip to New Jersey is a homecoming of sorts. She was raised there, not 10 minutes from the area that is now the Meadowlands Sports Complex, where the game will be held.

“I remember as a little girl, it was all pig farms and swampland there,” she said. “You would drive through and you’d hold your nose because it smelled so much. It was just wasteland, then they filled it, named it the Meadowlands and now the area is worth zillions of dollars.”

Ramer moved to Colorado in 1972, starting in Denver before settling in the Vail Valley in 2000. She’s been a Broncos season ticket holder since 1977 and has been to two Super Bowl games — one in 1988 and one in 1998.

“Growing up back East, it was all about baseball,” Ramer said. “Coming out West, football was the exciting thing.”

Back East, she’s looking forward to spending time with family, taking in the 14-block Super Bowl Boulevard in Times Square and getting to the stadium early on Sunday.

“I want to feel the excitement,” she said. “I got us all orange fleece scarves, I bought decals to put on my cheeks, I got my husband and myself orange and blue striped Broncos hats, I bought orange sweaters … You are not going to question that I’m a Broncos fan in New York.”


Ramer said back in 1998, she got her Super Bowl tickets for face value. This time around, she said she had to pay significantly more.

“I went to Sports Authority in Cherry Creek to get a little Broncos hat and mittens for my friends’ grandson, and this guy at Sports Authority says, ‘You’re going to the game?’ and I said, ‘yeah.’ He asked if I would sell the tickets for $5,000 for the pair and I said absolutely not. I could have made a profit, but it’s not about the money.

“We feel like the postal service going to these games — rain, hail, snow, sleet, intense sun and heat, we go to the games regardless of the driving or the weather. We sat there for years, watching this team evolve, through the highs and lows of Tim Tebow, Jay Cutler, John Elway, you name it, we’ve been there. Now that Peyton Manning has taken this team to the Super Bowl, to me it’s such a fan-support opportunity. I’m just so excited to support my home team.”

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