Meet your student-athlete: Battle Mountain’s Zander Miscio |

Meet your student-athlete: Battle Mountain’s Zander Miscio

Meet one of the Huskies’ co-captains

Zander Miscio, senior, Battle Mountain lacrosse

We apparently have an outbreak of Zanders and Xanders on the local lacrosse scene.

Officially, he is Alexander Miscio, starting long-stick middie, for Battle Mountain, but everyone knows him as Zander.

And when the Huskies play Eagle Valley, Zander can end up going head-to-head with Xander Kostick, Eagle Valley’s goalie, which starts to make it confusing. (This apocalyptic event will happen again on June 8 in Gypsum.)

In the meantime, Zander Miscio has a lot on his plate. He celebrated graduation with friends and extended family and then there’s the matter of finishing up lacrosse season.

For more on Miscio, read on.

Birthday: Sept. 30, 2002.

Parents: Mark and Lynnette Miscio.

Sibling: Isabelle Miscio, 21, attending Colorado State, Battle Mountain alumna.

Sports played: Cross-country and lacrosse.

Why do you love lacrosse? “One, it’s such a fast-moving game. Two, I love my teammates and the group of guys who do it.”

How much did you miss it last year? “I am so happy. It’s so nice to play this season. It was definitely a bummer we didn’t get last season. I definitely appreciate it now, pre-COVID era how easy it was to go out and do a lot of things.”

Describe the long-stick-middie position: It’s a position with a more defensive stance. You have the ability to go up and down the field like other midfielders, but you have the advantage of the long stick which makes it easier because you can defend fast breaks.”

So you get another shot at Vail Mountain (June 8) and Eagle Valley (June 9)? “I think we can get both of those teams. I also think it’s a great way to end our career playing those guys.”

How cool has the league been this year? “It’s definitely been a challenge. I think we’ve done very well with that challenge. I think things are super-fun being at the top of the league. We also need to be looking at [playoff] rankings”

What does the team need to do for the stretch drive? “I would probably say communication and possession.”

Best moment in lacrosse: “Making varsity as a sophomore. It was really cool to be on that team with those guys and I was looking forward to having another year with them, but it didn’t happen [COVID-19].

Most embarrassing moment: “We were playing a club tournament in Salt Lake City. We were double-teaming a guy and Thorne Hensel and I both slide to take him and we just crashed into each other. We’re on the ground looking at each other, just wondering what the heck happened. Thorne’s now a JV coach and we still laugh about that.”

How’s coach Connor Compton? “He’s a great defensive coach and a good coach overall. He loves winning and has strong connection with a lot of the boys.”

How’d Rob Parish rope you into cross-country? “I think it was during eighth-grade orientation, I remember him coming up to a group of us and asked us whether we were running cross-country. He said we should definitely do it. I went to a summer practice and saw how all the guys were connected and shared a bond. I really enjoyed the team chemistry.”

How good are the boys going to be next fall? “I think they’re going to do great. They’ve got both the Middaughs, Sully and Porter. There’s a kid named Trey Martin from West Virginia and he’s fast. They have Kaden Williams and Will Bruner. They’re going to take the team to another level.”

What’s up for graduation? “We’re having a graduation party with a few other kids from the cross-country team. My sister’s home from college and my grandparents are in town.”

College plans: Aims Community College in Greeley — “I want to become a firefighter. I like the brotherhood of the group. My neighbor is also a lieutenant and I’ve enjoyed seeing him go about his career.”

Favorite social media: Instagram or Facebook.

Favorite movies: Adam Sandler films.

Favorite book: The Alchemist.

Favorite video game: Grand Theft Auto.

Favorite food: Sushi … Spider or spicy California rolls.

Favorite drink: Shirley Temple.

Pizza slice: Pepperoni.

Teams you watch: Eagles, Phillies and Avs. (Dad, aka Mark, is from Philadelphia.)

How do the Avs do? “I think they will definitely go all the way to the Cup.”

Favorite athletes: Patrick Kane and Fletcher Cox.

Favorite music: Country or top 40.

If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be? “A nice Aspen. I think Aspen groves are so cool and then the colors change in the fall.”

Powder day. Where do you go? “If it’s Beaver Creek, I go to Stone Creek Chutes or Grouse Mountain. Vail, I go to the Back Bowls. No lines and always nice.”

COVID is over. You can travel anywhere in the world. Where do you go? “Alaska. It’s so cool to have 17 hours of sunlight. That or Dubai.”

If you’re ruler of the world for one day, what would you do? “I’d say go to the Bermuda Triangle and see if that’s a real thing. Get a bunch of scientists to check that out.”

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