Meet your student-athlete: Eagle Valley’s Branden Vigil |

Meet your student-athlete: Eagle Valley’s Branden Vigil

Devils at Huskies Monday night

Branden Vigil, junior, Eagle Valley basketball

First of all, welcome back to Eagle Valley boys basketball. You might remember them from such previous episodes as, “Starting the season 2-0,” and “Beating Battle Mountain in the league opener, 72-40.”

After a two-week “break” for COVID-19 precautions, Eagle Valley calls on Battle Mountain tonight at 6:30 p.m.

As such, we got to know junior Branden Vigil —No. 10 in your virtual programs and No. 1 in your hearts.

Vigil is an Eagle Valley Guy, which we are making an official title. His mom, Megan, is an Eagle Valley alumna. Vigil is a quintessential three-sporter in Gypsum — football, basketball and baseball. And as Vigil has grown up playing, he has collected teammates as he proceeded through the ranks.

Most importantly, Vigil’s grandma apparently makes some awesome tacos.

Read on for more on Vigil:

Birthday: Sept. 28, 2003.

Parents: Daniel and Megan Vigil.

What’s fun about basketball? “It’s hanging out with the guys and making those friendships and the competitiveness. I’m just a really competitive person and basketball brings it out.”

What was it like growing up here playing hoops? “It’s been so fun. At Eagle Valley Elementary, Erich (Petersen), Eric (Hasley) and I became good friends. Then I went to Gypsum Creek Middle and met Carlos (Sanchez), Bryan (Martinez) and Matthew (Garvey). And then we’re all in high school.”

Goal for the season: “We’re trying to make a playoff push.”

Best moment in basketball this year: “Probably our Battle Mountain game. Everyone was having fun celebrating.”

Best athletic moment in high school: “My favorite moment was my freshman year when I got to travel for the playoff game against Conifer. We had a big upset win.”

Most embarrassing moment: “Sophomore year, I went to throw the ball in and I ended up throwing it out of bounds.”

What’s coach Justin Brandt like? “He’s a really good guy. He always calls and checks in on me and my family. He’s always pushing us to be the best we can be. He always wants us to be thinking of the future, like how we’re going to act when we’re married. He’s connected to all of us. He’s not just our coach.”

Favorite subject in school: History.

Favorite social media: Instagram.

Favorite video game: NBA 2K — Plays as Russell Westbrook and the Washington Wizards.

Favorite food: “Grandma makes elk tacos. Meat and cheese, no hot sauce.” (Editor’s note: Sounds good.)

What do you put on your pizza? Canadian bacon and mushrooms.

Favorite teams: Denver Broncos and Oklahoma City Thunder.

Favorite athletes: Peyton Manning and Westbrook.

Will the Broncos return to winning? “Yes, they will. I’d get a new quarterback. I’d go all in for (Houston Texans’) Deshaun Watson and I’d probably fire our head coach (Vic Fangio).”

Favorite music: Country.

Favorite artists: Luke Combs and Morgan Wallen.

If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be? Aspen.

COVID-19 is over. You can travel anywhere in the world. Where do you go? Maui.

You’re ruler of the world for one day, what do you do? “I would try to solve problems around the world.”

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