Meet your student-athlete: Eagle Valley’s Carter Josef |

Meet your student-athlete: Eagle Valley’s Carter Josef

Watch out for that outfield wall

Carter Josef, senior, Eagle Valley baseball

Eagle Valley baseball’s Carter Josef is a busy guy.

When he’s not playing left field or pitching for the Devils, well, you can find him at speech and debate, working for the school newspaper, working for the school TV station as well as National Honors Society.

Don’t forget he’s also had to attend school around all these activities as well.

We got Josef to slow down for just a bit for a chat, so here we go:

Birthday: March 3, 2003.

Parents: Amy and Loren Josef.

Sibling: Jack, 16. (Jack will rejoin our tale.)

Activities: Speech and debate, newspaper and Eagle Valley TV and National Honors Society.

Busy much? “I would say it keeps me sufficiently busy.”

Why baseball? “I like going out every day and hanging with my friends. You have to hit the ball. There’s a lot of thinking involved and I’m thinking already. It’s athletic. It has friends. You’re thinking about the next play and there’s always room for improvement.”

What’s it like working with your catcher? “My brother Jack is the varsity catcher, so we work together. If the batter has struggled with the outside pitch, I’m going there. If I throw a fast ball, and he’s right on it, I go for the curve. If he looks stupid on the fast ball, I’m going to punish him again with it.

“Of course, The batter’s thinking about what the pitcher is throwing. You can’t throw everyone a first-pitch fast ball. I don’t throw the hardest, by any means, so I have to stay ahead of everyone by varying location and speed.”

Best moment in baseball? “We had summer ball a couple of years ago with most of the guys on the high school team. We were in a tournament in Montrose. We won the game. Everyone hit and I came out an pitched an inning in three pitches.”

So is an immaculate inning 3 or 9 pitches? “If you can get a ground ball or fly out, it’s more efficient than a strikeout. Of course, this is coming from a guy who’s not a strikeout pitcher.” (Ruling: A 3-pitch inning is more immaculate — if that is grammatically possible — than 9 pitches.)

Funniest moment in baseball: “We were at practice one day, Dillon [Flaagan], Nick [Rahe] and Gabe [Foster] and I and the coach was hitting fly balls. The coach hit a fly ball way over my head. But I’m thinking, ‘I am getting this.’ I’m in a total sprint. The guys are yelling, “You’ve got room.” I keep going and get pancaked by the fence. We still laugh about that.”

So how’d the school newspaper go? “This year, we couldn’t hand out our newspaper because of COVID-19. So we started publishing it online. I like it because the story’s done and it publishes. The second semester, my teacher came to me asked me if I’d like to keep it online, and I said yes. I’m a senior, so I’m moving on, but I’d vote to keep it online. (Young Josef, Vail Daily management just sat up and paid attention.)

What did you argue in speech and debate? “My favorite one was, ‘Drug use ought to be treated as a public-health matter as opposed to a criminal-justice matter.’ We prepare both sides of the argument because a computer selects randomly generates a side to argue.”

Does it help to argue both sides? “It does. Originally, I’d always have a gut reaction. It’s obvious it should go one way or another. Then, I seriously argue the other side, and give merit to it. ‘Hey, I actually don’t know anything.’”

Eagle Valley TV was busy this year? “This year, I helped with all the live streams for sports. I did play-by-play. I ran the cameras and directed.”

College plans: Attending Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo to study mechanical engineering. — “I’ve always loved building stuff and I’ve really excelled in math.”

Favorite social media: Tik Tok.

Favorite video game: MLB The Show.

Favorite food: Mac and cheese.

Favorite drink: Root beer

Favorite pizza slice: Bacon and pepperoni.

Favorite books: The Divergent series.

Favorite movies: Meatballs and Moneyball.

Favorite actor: Brad Pitt.

Sports you watch: Baseball and basketball.

Favorite athlete: Derek Jeter.

Favorite music: Rock and roll.

Favorite group: AC/DC.

If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be? Aspen.

Powder day. Where do you go? Iron Mask in Vail.

COVID is over. You can travel anywhere you want. Where do you go? Germany.

If you were ruler of the world for one day, what would you do? “I would make a fun new holiday.”

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