Meet your student-athlete: Vail Christian’s Connor Downey |

Meet your student-athlete: Vail Christian’s Connor Downey

And thoughts on basketball and golf

Connor Downey, junior, Vail Christian basketball

The transition from golf to basketball seasons is an interesting one for Vail Christian’s Connor Downey. In the fall, if he misses a 10-footer for birdie, it’s his fault.

He misread the line, hit the ball too hard or decelerated during the swing. And he can chew himself out all day for said mistake, though that’s probably not the best idea.

On the rare occasions that Downey misses a shot or a doesn’t come down with a rebound in basketball, he’s letting down 11 other people.


“A mistake in golf is easier to accept,” Downey said. “That’s the main difference.”

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So while best known for his golf skills, Downey is focusing his attention on “Vail Christian Basketball: The Next Generation” as the Saints reload on the fly. Look for Downey in the paint or around the green in the year to come.

Date of birth: June 27, 2003.

Parents; Jim and Heather Downey.

Siblings: Ryan, 19, and Quinn, 15.

How is golf different from basketball? “I think the camaraderie is a lot different. You have a lot of different people with different goals to accomplish. It’s an interesting space. We all have to come together as one.”

Proudest moment in basketball? “I think it was last year. Ryan was still in high school so all three of us (the Downey brothers) were playing at the same time with the Moritz brothers (Alec and Theo).”

What is coach Sheldon Kuhns like? “It’s the confidence he has in me. He’s not going to take me out. In fact, he’s probably going to play me more. He has more confidence in me than I do in myself and that’s cool.”

Favorite subject: Physics.

Career plans: “I’m better at math than anything, so I’m looking at engineering or architecture.”

Golf talk

We interrupt this regularly scheduled spotlight for golf. Downey finished third at the 3A state tournament last fall. So he’s really good, as opposed to the sports editor who stinks but loves the game.

So, now some golf:

Home course: Cordillera Valley Club.

Favorite Colorado course: Frost Creek.

American courses bucket list: Whistling Straits, Pebble Beach, Cypress Point, Augusta National.

British Open course you want to play: Turnberry.

Have you had a hole-in-one? “No. The closest I’ve gotten to the hole is when I had one bounce off the flag stick two summers ago.”

Putter: Sik.

Irons: Ping.

Golf ball: Bridgestone.

Favorite golfer: Brooks Koepka.

Will Tiger Woods win 18 majors like Jack Nicklaus? No.

And we’re back …

Favorite social media: Instagram.

Favorite video game: NHL 21 — “I play the Avalanche unless I play the Carolina Hurricanes and get out the old Whalers’ jersey.”

Favorite food: Chinese.

Favorite drink: Dr. Pepper.

Favorite pizza slice: Pepperoni.

Sports you watch: Football, golf, basketball.

Favorite teams: Rockies, Broncos, Nuggets and Avs.

Favorite music: “Some old school like the Eagles or Led Zeppelin.”

Powder day and the mountain is only open to Connor and his friends. Where do you go? “I’m going to Beaver Creek and Royal Elk Glades.”

If you were a tree what kind of tree would you be? California redwood.

COVID is over. You can travel anywhere in the world, where do you go? Hawaii.

If you were ruler of the world for one day, what would you do? “I would make the speed limit higher in every country.”


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