Meet your student-athlete: Vail Mountain’s Becker Dienst |

Meet your student-athlete: Vail Mountain’s Becker Dienst

Thoughts on crypto, lacrosse and being a kinder-buddy

Becker Dienst, senior, Vail Mountain lacrosse

Let’s talk crypto-currency.

Vail Mountain School senior Becker Dienst’s senior project is a study contrasting the stock market and crypto and their financial yields and risk-reward factors.

So not to put you on the spot, Becker, but is Bitcoin for real?

“From an investment standpoint, crypto-currency is the real deal,” Dienst said. “I’m probably a little biased, but I do think it’s a big deal because you see big investment firms like JP Morgan [Chase] are including crypto in their portfolios. That’s a big step.”

While Dienst isn’t issuing a buy order, his senior project, a course of independent study at the Mountain School, has possibly influenced his plans at CU, where he’ll matriculate in the fall.

“Career plans, it’s hard,” Dienst said. “Finance is interesting, but the more I did my senior project, the more I am interested in portfolios.”

Before Dienst becomes the new Oracle of East Vail, we’ve also heard that Dienst is a pretty darn good lacrosse player. He’s helped the Gore Rangers to a 2-0 start this spring.

For more on Dienst, read on:

Date of birth: May 7, 2002

Happy birthday. What are your plans for the day? “Not a lot. I’m at school, so I’ll have lacrosse practice, which will be fun. What may be fun is going to the Battle Mountain-Eagle Valley [boys lacrosse] game later.”

Parents: Georgi and Ryan Dienst.

Siblings: Alex, sophomore, Battle Mountain, and Mac, sixth grade, Eagle County Charter Academy.

Sports you play: Basketball, soccer, lacrosse.

Been a little busy of late? “Obviously, it’s been a lot more hectic to go to soccer practice on Friday and then lacrosse on Monday. It’s a quicker rotation and the hardest thing with all the seasons shuffling is to make sure the teams grow together quickly. So far, for all three sports, we’ve been able to gel and grow together quickly.”

How cool was the development of VMS basketball in your four years? “Probably the biggest change in basketball was having just 10 players out for the team our sophomore year and then winning districts our junior year. That was a massive leap. When I think of VMS basketball, I’m proud of the growth and changing the culture.”

What’s your favorite? “It’s really confusing. Lacrosse is probably my love, but basketball has been in my life since I was a toddler. I started lacrosse in sixth grade.”

Soccer and snowsports are in the DNA of VMS. How is lacrosse growing at the school? “Obviously, VMS is such a small school, so the lacrosse team gets close and it helps bring together multiple grades. Definitely, VMS might be more skiing and soccer, but lacrosse does interest everyone. We get a big turnout.”

Goals for the lax season: “I think a team goal is definitely the state playoffs. We know there’s almost no room for error. I don’t think there’s anyone on the roster who doesn’t think we can do it. The biggest focus is the next game, next-game mentality.”

Best moment in lacrosse: “Freshman year, we won in OT vs. Glenwood and I got the goal. That was a special moment.”

What do you like about coach Anders Fogel? “He makes it really easy to talk to him about something. What’s really big is that he’s willing to explain why we’re doing something, the thought process involved. That’s helps me understand why we’re doing drills and makes growth easier.”

What’s it like to be a senior at a K-12 school? “Whenever I’ve thought of being a senior, my mind always goes to being a kinder-buddy. [VMS seniors are paired with kindergarteners as mentors every school year.] So I’ve got a kinder-buddy, which is special experience. Then, there are Ski Fridays and hut trips and intraterm. It’s huge part of the experience.

Favorite social media: Instagram.

Favorite video game: NBA 2K — Plays Celtics or Trailblazers.

Favorite food: Chicken wings.

Favorite drink: Blue cherry Gatorade.

Favorite pizza slice: Meat lover’s.

Favorite teams: North Carolina basketball and lacrosse. (On behalf of Dienst, Duke stinks.)

Favorite movie: Step Brothers.

Favorite actor: Will Ferrell.

Favorite music: Rap.

Favorite artists: Lil Baby and Guns N’ Roses.

If you were a tree what kind of tree would you be: Redwood.

Powder day. Where do you go? “I would probably go to Jackson Hole, Wyoming and do Corbet’s Couloir.”

COVID’s over. You can travel anywhere. Where do you go? “Probably part of Alaska. I’d go fishing, skiing and maybe go hunting.”

You’re ruler of the world for one day. What do you do? “Obviously, we should probably try for world peace, but we probably should try something more reasonable. World hunger, let’s fix that.”

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