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Mike Morris for Homecoming king, The guide to this weekend’s festivities

It’s one of many questions we’ll be pondering at the Vail Mountain School’s Homecoming this weekend. Because SATs are scheduled for Saturday morning, both the soccer game vs. Paonia and volleyball’s tilt against Ouray are at 3 p.m.

So if you’re Larry Utzig, father of junior Lauren (volleyball) and frosh Jake (soccer), what’s the plan?

“I do both,” Larry said. “Jake will usually come in for 20 minutes in the first half. So I’ll watch him. Then I’ll go watch Lauren. I’ll just go back and forth. If I could lose weight doing it, I would.”

With that issue resolved, we present the following notes of import regarding this year’s Homecoming gala:

n For starters, I’m outraged that Bob Bandoni was not named Homecoming king last year. Who decided that election? The state of Florida?

n But we don’t give up easily. This year, the Vail Daily endorses fellow soccer coach Mike Morris for the honor. We’re sure he’s got Charry’s vote.

“Heavy lies the crown,” Bandoni quipped.

n On a serious note – yeah, right – El Professor deserves some kudos for his continuing work on the soccer team.

“Besides what’s most evident and that is his knowledge of the game and his player perspective that he brings to the game, well beyond that, he brings a sensitivity to this age group that I think contributes to drawing the best out of the players,” Bandoni opined. “I mean that in terms of his soccer, but again much more in terms of their development as people.”

n Not to mention the fact that Morris brings the sunflower seeds.

n A follow-up on Bandoni’s red card that the Daily reported on in Tuesday’s issue. Longtime local ref Bennett Pollack called in with the following: “I was also reffing that game,” he said. ” Getting a red card from that referee was the greatest form of flattery a coach can get. Bob should consider that a badge of courage.”

n More Bandoni – Bob said that his birthday is Oct. 13, “The year Brazil beat Sweden in Sweden (at the World Cup) and Pele was 17-years-old.” You didn’t think we were going to let you off the hook? A hint: It was the first year that America’s team, the San Francisco Giants, played on the West Coast.

n Yes, we’re using the orange header. It’s official, soccer’s going to the postseason. So’s volleyball. Everything’s coming up roses for VMS.

n Nothing to do with VMS, but my axis of evil consists of Atlee Hammaker, Candy Maldonado and Jose Oquendo. Go Giants.

n OK, Andrew Feldman and I are starting to look like long-lost relatives. But let’s get something straight. My ‘fro still takes the cake. Feldman, you’re a Freud wannabe.

n One of the fun things about VMS Homecoming is that there are soccer games planned with a mix of age groups. Going back to Feldman, look for him to be double-teamed.

“They’re going to double-team him, meaning two grades. First and second grade will cover him,” Bandoni joked.

n Seems like a good idea to us. Nothing else seems to have worked.

n It’s a world gone Scanlan. Going into Thursday’s game against Basalt, the Irish and VMS soccer are a combined 14-2.

n Great nickname: Sea Bass for Sebastian Faessler.

n Bandoni Homecoming memory: “Actually, my good fortune in life is that I went to the Homecoming dance with my wife and I went in a 442 Olds.”

n Oh, the Vikings. Jamie Farquhar’s crew had a bye last week and I think bye won by 12.

n Onto volleyball, are we having fun yet? The rock stars known as the Gore Rangers are 14-0 overall. Head coach Mike Garvey won 14 games in his first THREE seasons at VMS.

n Dare we think about, knock on wood, an undefeated season?

“That actually hasn’t been mentioned as a goal,” Garvey said. “I think the goal is more within the type of play. Again, we’re looking at a faster attack. There were certain things that we did (Tuesday night against DeBeque), while the attack was fast, the passing needs to be faster. We did notice that last night. The set and the hit are fast right now, but we want the pass fast too.”

n Fred Haslee, you’re HUUUUGE!

n Speaking of things Haslee, Fred took to calling Ashley Apple, “Triple-A’ last year. So does that make Aubrie Apple, “Quadruple-A?’ You make the call.

n Pressing VMS volleyball question: Tree, if you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?

n Flagler update: 13-1 with two wins over now-2A Merino.

n Volleyball fun fact No. 1: VMS hasn’t lost a set since Aug. 31.

n Fun with numbers: According to Rockypreps.com, your leader in all of 1A in blocks is none other than her Tree-ness. Apple, Quadruple-A, that is, is 23rd with 29. Bossow is also third in the state in kills, while Maggie Haslee is 18th. In the assists department, it’s no surprise that Tiffany Allan is fifth with 226.

n Finally, our trivia answer is that the year was 1958, which means Bandoni turns 44 on Sunday. Everybody should sing, “Happy Birthday” to him at Saturday’s game.

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