Mill Creek beats Snowell at its own game |

Mill Creek beats Snowell at its own game

Nate Peterson
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Sometimes, you want to go where nobody knows your name, and your new teammates are sure glad you came.

Such was the case for Summit County’s Sean Ramsden who won Monday’s Beaver Creek Race Series slalom with a time of 33.16 seconds.

Ramsden is the newest member of the Mill Creek Sports team and the newest alpine ringer to join a series where the recruiting tactics employed by the top two racing squads may be more suspect than those of C.U. football.

With only two weeks of racing left and only two points separating SnowellUSA (136) and Mill Creek Sports (134), the Yankees and Red Sox of both town series, it seems that nothing or nobody is off limits – other than Bode Miller of Daron Rahlves – maybe.

“It’s back and forth, back and forth,” said Snowell’s Jon Meckem, who was the only Snowell team member to crack the top three Monday, with a second-place time of 33.16. “We up them one. They up us one. We’re still ahead, but it’s really tight. Today, before my second run, my friends told me that Mill Creek had first, second and third place – which was a lie. It was a good thing, though, I guess. Usually in those situations, I choke.”

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The Snowell team has won the last five team titles in the BCRS, although prospects for six-peat looked a little bleak just more than three weeks ago, with Mill Creek still atop the points after three races.

That all changed in Week 4, though, after some Steinbrenner-esque moves by the Snowell boys brought snowboarding ace Anton Pogue and telemarking speedster Tory Hauser to the Snowell ranks.

Crucial points in the series are secured by overall times, as well as wins in respective disciplines, such as men’s telemarking or snowboarding, meaning that by diversifying, the Snowell team stacked the deck somewhat.

While Mill Creek didn’t go out and find itself a snowboarder to rival Pogue, who is the head snowboarding alpine coach at Ski and Snowboard Club Vail, or a telemarker to take on Hauser, it did get Ramsden, a former Nor-Am standout, who coaches the alpine team over in Breckenridge.

“If we sweep these next two races in alpine, we’ll be tied with (Snowell),” said Mill Creek captain Dan Nixon. “Or we could go out and be cheaters like them and get a snowboarder and a telemarker and a chick.”

“If I dress up like a girl, does that count,” said Nixon’s teammate Mike Meindl, laughing.

“Well you skied like a girl today,” shot back Nixon. “You might as well dress up like one.”

As previously mentioned, with only two weeks left, anything is possible.

For complete results of Monday’s race, please see page A35.

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